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Your guide to beaches in Dubai.

If you love the beach and swimming, if you’re in Dubai already as a local or only planning your visit — BeachesinDubai.com is your destination. We’ve got you covered with all the info on the Persian Gulf beaches — public ones, beach clubs, diving spots, open pools, water parks, and more. We‘re here to help you find the perfect spot for your beach day!


Most of the beaches in Dubai have all the basics — toilets, showers, and changing cabins, but some are wild and untouched. Within Public Beaches category, we’ve shared details about every public beach in Dubai. Here, you’ll discover a catalog of all the beaches that offer free access to visitors and open to public.

In Dubai, you can choose from chill pool spots for a relaxed swim or vibrant beach clubs with loud music and parties — it’s a city with options for everyone. The Beach Clubs category provides insights into Dubai’s best paid beachfront spots. These clubs are offering good service for guests, and boast private, restricted access to the shore and beach.

Looking where to fulfill your dream of swimming atop skyscrapers? You will find amazing rooftop pools in Dubai perfect for thrill-seekers, with a fantastic panoramic views and top-notch service.

Dubai is known for its awesome waterparks. Even though there aren’t many, they’re famous worldwide, and some are really huge. If you love water rides, Dubai is definitely the place to visit!

Explore beaches in Dubai with our map: