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Al Mamzar Beach Park

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Al Mamzar Beach Park is nestled to the north of Al Hamriya Port along the Corniche and Al Mamzar Creek, in the area of Deira.

With its spectacular coastline washed by the Arabian Gulf and a variety of sports and family-friendly amenities, it spans over 100 hectares of lush landscape filled with plants and flower beds.

mamzar beach

Al Mamzar Beach Park is an expansive complex featuring multiple beaches and a generous park area with a swimming pool. 

Stretching approximately 2.1 miles (3.5 km), the peninsula’s coastline boasts a mix of attractions for beachgoers.

Depending on the weather conditions, the waves can be notably powerful here. To ensure safety, protective nets have been installed in the sea, creating a barrier that shields beach-goers from sea creatures and fish.

Note. While the water depth near the equipped beaches may not be extensive, there are areas with considerably deeper sections.

mamzar park

Nestled within the Al Mamzar Beach Park complex lies a bunch of five picturesque palm-dotted beaches (Nouras Beach, Danah Beach, Murjan Beach, Flamingo Beach, and Sadaf Beach). 

One of these beaches is located in a narrow strait that separates Dubai from Sharjah (Sadaf Beach). Here the beach boasts an inland lake that shields from ocean waves. This particular beach offers ideal conditions for families with young children, providing a safe and peaceful environment. Four other beaches grace the Arabian Gulf coastline.

Note. At Al Mamzar Beach, there’s a Wheelchair Bay for people with disabilities to enjoy the beach. However, be aware that not all of the amenities at Al Mamzar Park Beach are fully equipped to ensure optimal comfort for individuals with disabilities. For a more comfortable experience for people with disabilities, we recommend visiting JBR Beach or Palm West Beach.

al mamzar beach

Due to its location on a different part of Dubai Creek, Al Mamzar Beach Park tends to be uncrowded and free from excessive noise. 

The Al Mamzar Beach is an ideal destination for companies of all sizes, offering a range of attractions to keep both children and adults entertained. Specially designed play areas ensure that children won’t experience a dull moment.

al mamzar beach park

Spanning 2.5 acres, Al Mamzar Beach Park boasts lush green landscapes and colorful flower beds.

Moreover, near the beach and park complex lies Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE. Just a few miles away, visitors can switch from beach leisure to exploring Sharjah’s museums and historical places of the Emirates.

While this beach offers most of the essentials for a beach vacation, it’s important to note that it may not be as well-equipped as some of the other beaches located in the city center.

The beach complex is pretty large, and there’s a taxi service with small open buggies to take guests around the park.


Entrance fee, opening hours Sunday to Wednesday: from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Thursday to Saturday and on holidays: from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
The entrance fee is 5 AED ($1).
What is the cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella? You can bring your own umbrella and towel. Optionally, you can rent a sun lounger and umbrella at the beach.
Is the beach crowded? Al Mamzar Beach usually is medium crowded.
Is the beach easily accessible and comfortable? The beach offers essential amenities like showers, toilets, and changing cabins, charging stations. It’s reasonably suitable for families with children. The lifeguard is on duty. The area has 1500 parking slots nearby.
Is the beach easy to reach? You can use the C28 bus to reach the beach. You can also use the metro to get to the beach.
Is there an option to have dinner or lunch available? There is a bunch of cafés and restaurants near the Al Mamzar Beach. It will cost you 50-150 AED (from $14 to $40) for a person to have lunch.

Al Mamzar Beach location

The beach address is 104 106th St – Al Mamzar – Dubai.

The Al Mamzar Park location is 888X+89X – Al Khaleej St – Al Mamzar – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

How to get to Al Mamzar Beach Park?

One of the easiest ways is to use a taxi service, with numerous options to choose from in Dubai, including popular services like Uber, Dubai Taxi, and Gettransfer. When it’s time to head back from the park, you’ll find taxi drivers stationed near the park’s entrance throughout the day, ready to take you to your desired destination.

For guests driving their own cars, Al Mamzar Park offers parking spaces, totaling more than 1,500 spots. The car parking fee is 30 AED (8$) per vehicle for the full day. For those driving electric cars, the beach complex provides chargers conveniently located near the parking area.

For those who are familiar with Dubai’s transportation network, taking the bus is a great option to reach Al Mamzar Park. You need to use the metro and reach Salah Al Din station, then you should hop on the C28 bus, and wait for the final stop, Al Mamzar Beach Park (the C28 bus route also includes stops at Al Ras, Baniyas Square, and Union metro stations).

Alternatively, take the metro to Al Qiyadah station and enjoy a 20-30 minute walk to reach the beach from there.

Al Mamzar Beach Park entry fee

Al Mamzar Park entry fee is 5 AED (1$).

For those arriving by car, a separate entry fee of 30 AED (8$) applies, providing an option to bring your vehicle right into the complex (payment is required through an RTA Nol card).

It’s important to note that entry is free of charge for individuals with special needs. Additionally, children below the age of 2 are free to not pay the entrance fee.

Keep in mind that at many locations on this beach, only cash payments are accepted. Therefore, we recommend ensuring you have the necessary amount on hand.

Tip. Having an RTA Nol card allows you to effortlessly enter the park and skip the queues.

Al Mamzar Park timings

The operating hours of Al Mamzar Park Beach follow a schedule, varying on different days of the week:

  • Sunday to Wednesday:
    The complex welcomes visitors from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Thursday to Saturday and on official holidays:
    On these days, Al Mamzar Park timings change, opening from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Dubai offers an exciting experience with two beaches that permit night swimming, one of them is Al Mamzar, and the second is Umm Suqeim.

mamzar beach park

Al Mamzar Beach Park was opened to the public in 1984, and now it’s a pretty popular holiday spot for tourists and locals.

The swimming zones have special facilities and are supervised by a team of qualified rescuers equipped with safety, rescue, ambulance, and communication gear. Moreover, the area has its own solar panels that harness energy to illuminate the beach during the night.

Al Mamzar Beach: What to Do?

The beaches of Al Mamzar provide everything you need for a relaxing day in the sun. They are equipped with rental points for beach equipment, lifeguard towers for safety, showers, toilets, umbrellas, and sunbeds.

Tip. For swimming in warmer waters, simply turn right from the entrance to the complex. The lagoon in that direction consistently offers more comfortable water temperatures.

The park complex surrounding the beach offers a bunch of activities, including barbeque, picnic spots, and engaging playgrounds for children.

With numerous gazebos across different parts of the park, finding a free one is an easy task here.

Within the beach and park complex, you’ll discover Smart Palm public Wi-Fi hotspots and cellphone charging stations, that are spread across the park and look like trees, or are integrated into smart benches throughout the park.

mamzar park

Al Mamzar Beach


Within the coastal zone of the Al Mamzar Park Beach complex, there is a rental point for water transport. The offerings here cover everyone’s needs: from classic options such as banana boats or catamarans available for a leisurely experience to extreme options, including jet skis (a 30-minute ski ride is priced at 69 AED or $19).

During your visit, you can explore Al Mamzar Beach with a boat tour: cruise through canals, enjoy a fountain show and visit the city’s main shopping centers.

Al Mamzar Park swimming pool timing

Within the park area, visitors can enjoy a swimming pool. For those who prefer not to swim in the Persian Gulf or simply seek an alternative to beach relaxation, this pool is an excellent choice.

The Mamzar Park swimming pool is spacious, measuring 60×30 feet (20×10 meters), providing plenty of space for fun and relaxation in the park. It fits both adults and children, with varying depths ranging from 60 inches (1.6 meters) to 125 inches (3.15 meters).

Note that on weekends and holidays, the pool tends to be extremely popular and can become quite crowded.

  • The pool entry fee is 10 AED (2$) for adults and 5 AED (1$) for children.
  • Al Mamzar swimming pool timings: from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The swimming pool is accessible to people with disabilities.

Al Mamzar Beach Ladies Day

Al Mamzar Park Beach reserves Mondays and Wednesdays as Ladies’ Days, creating a special event for female visitors. On these days, only women with children are permitted to enter the park (boys up to 6 years of age can accompany the ladies).

It’s worth mentioning that during Ladies’ Days, the entire beach staff comprises women. On these days, guests are welcome to wear Burkini swimwear.


For those who seek outdoor activities, the Al Mamzar Beach complex offers a range of sports spaces: a soccer field, a designated area for basketball and volleyball, table tennis courts.

In close proximity to the beach, sports fans have access to the Dubai Table Tennis Academy and Cleopatra Swimming Academy (with its own indoor pool).

There are also multiple cricket grounds around, organized by the local community. A group of cricket fans from India set up the first ground here in 2015. Now, locals and tourists often come here to play cricket.

Furthermore, the complex has numerous outdoor activity options for children. The playground is well-maintained, with soft padding on the ground to ensure safety and prevent any mishaps. Children will also enjoy a play railway (riding on rails to explore the entire park will cost 2 AED or 50 cents per person), and a bunch of slides and attractions.

mamzar open beach

Al Mamzar Beach Park offers more than just swimming — it’s a hub of activity with surrounding park zones, kids’ playgrounds, cafes, and rental spots.

Encircling the complex, expansive running/jogging tracks (covering 10,000 steps and with corresponding meters on it), and bike paths are offering a perfect opportunity for sports fans.

Because of the superb quality of the paths and the picturesque views, this location has become a favored destination for many cyclists in Dubai. For those without their own bikes – don’t worry, you will find rental services available on-site (renting a bike is priced between 20 to 30 AED per hour or 5-8 USD).

Located directly on the beach, the Mamzar Beach Workout Zone offers an opportunity to exercise in the open air. This space allows fitness enthusiasts to engage in their workout routines with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze as their backdrop.

Within the complex, a designated area awaits fishing enthusiasts. Non-fishers can also enjoy the experience by feeding the fish.

Other things to do near Al Mamzar Beach

Alongside the traditional beach activities, Al Mamzar Beach Park offers a range of other things to do.

Al Mamzar Amphitheatre

There is a big amphitheater within the complex that serves for festive celebrations, live concerts, and theatrical performances. For those seeking breathtaking views and panoramas, an observation tower stands at the heart of the park (you can take incredible photos for your socials here).

Al Mamzar Beach Park Amphitheater frequently hosts concerts and entertainment programs for guests. Access to these events may require an entrance fee of up to 10 AED (2$).

mamzar park beach Amphitheatre

Al Mamzar Amphitheatre

Dubai International Bowling Centre

Near Al Mamzar Beach is Dubai’s largest bowling park, featuring over 30 lanes. Within the complex, you can enjoy snacks and have a fantastic time, making it an ideal spot to unwind after a day at the beach.

Dubai International Bowling Centre welcomes visitors every day, including holidays and weekends, from 9:00 AM to 01:00 AM. Here you have the option to buy a single game for 18 AED ($5) or rent a lane for an hour for 126 AED ($35).

Bowling Center often has tournaments and events for visitors to join.

al mamzar beach Dubai International Bowling Centre

Dubai International Bowling Centre

Shopping at Century Mall

Just 0.7 miles (1.14 kilometers) away from the beach, there’s a small mall (by Dubai standards), that has everything you need for a relaxing time after a day at the beach.

Century Mall offers a range of options for guests, including clothing stores, a cinema for movies, a local food court for dining, and a children’s playground for entertaining the kids.

The mall also features a sizable supermarket.

al mamzar park Century Mall

Century Mall

Restaurants near at Al Mamzar Beach

While the park is encircled by a road, you will discover several cafes located at varying distances around the area. While there might be limited numbers of shops or cafes, you’ll still find some options for dining, sipping cocktails by the beach, and purchasing souvenirs.

Tea Club

Nestled along the beach, this charming café offers a restful atmosphere. Tea Club offers a delightful array of mocktails and delectable dishes, including Turkish Al Fahams, kebab platters, falooda, and more (with a selection of vegetarian options).

The cafe’s outdoor seating space adds to the delightful dining experience, allowing guests to taste their meals while enjoying the beauty of the beach view.

Prices here range from 14 AED (4$) to 23 AED (8$) per dish.

tea club mamzar

Tea Club

Community café

This café is situated just a short distance from the beach, offering a serene and relaxed ambiance.

The menu offers a range of options from classic potato fries and a falafel platter to a delightful mushroom cheese sandwich, avocado toast, arugula salad, and more.

al mamzar beach sharjah community cafe

Community café

In the Community café, there is a small library where guests can borrow books, as well as boards for playing chess, card games, etc.

The cost of dining per person starts at around 100-150 AED (28-40$).

Kefi Books, Board Games & Cafe

The Kefi cafe is just a short walk away from the beach. The cafe exudes a charming and unique atmosphere that sets it apart. Apart from delicious food, the cafe offers a variety of board games, books, and designated areas for children.

The menu offers a diverse range of dishes, from classic salads, pizza, and fries to more varied options like risotto and shakshouka.

The cafe offers very reasonable prices, with items like Caesar Salad starting from 24 AED ($7) and Hot Buffalo Wings priced at 30 AED ($8).

al mamzar beach Kefi Books, Board Games & Cafe

Kefi Books, Board Games & Cafe

Other dining options

Right on the beach, you’ll find a few cafes offering snacks (for example, Mix Flavors Cafe (MC³), Ciao Gelato, or Anana Banana). Not far from the beach, there’s another excellent option — Khoori Special Kabab Restaurant.

Due to its distance from the city center, prices here are moderate.

Al Mamzar chalet booking

Al Mamzar Park offers great space for picnics and barbecues, giving the atmosphere for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Within the park, there are designated areas for barbecue equipped with benches, tables, and grills, providing perfect options for visitors to come together and enjoy outdoor meals.

Al Mamzar Beach Park takes the experience to the next level by offering the option to rent beach chalets. These chalets are thoughtfully furnished, complete with air conditioning, and also have a convenient BBQ area.

The chalets are located a bit far from the main entrance, but you have two options to reach them. Firstly, you can park your car at the main entrance and take a walk to the chalet area. Alternatively, you can choose to pay an additional fee, allowing you to drive your car directly to the chalet area.

mamzar beach chalet

Al Mamzar chalets

At Al Mamzar Park, you can rent from a selection of 15 chalets, categorized into three types: large chalets, small chalets, and chalets for individuals with disabilities.

  • For a family gathering, the large chalets accommodate up to 12 members and can be booked for a full day at a rate of 200 AED (55$).
  • The small chalets, suitable for up to 8 members, are available for booking at 150 AED (40$) for a full day.

During the peak seasons, the popularity of Al Mamzar Park’s beach chalets reaches heights, with reservations often lasting up to 6 months in advance. So, we recommend you plan ahead and make your reservation as early as possible.

To book your chalet, you can use the Dubai Municipality app. Follow the instructions for the booking process.

Chalets should be booked in advance and are available:

  • Weekdays (Sunday to Wednesday): 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
  • Weekends (Thursday to Saturday) and public holidays: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Al Mamzar Beach Park barbecue timings: from 8:00 AM to 22:00 PM.

Hotels near Al Mamzar Beach

While the beach area does not offer an extensive selection of hotels, there are some great options located near the beach.

Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Al Mamzar 5*

The 5-star Movenpick Hotel Apartments Al Mamzar Dubai is situated in the Al Mamzar district, just a short distance from Al Mamzar Park Beach, providing easy access to the beach.

The hotel has its own rooftop outdoor pool (heated), as well as a fitness center and convenient parking facilities. For convenience, the hotel offers a free shuttle service to Al Mamzar Beach twice a day.

With Wi-Fi accessible throughout the hotel, guests can stay connected when it is needed.

It’s worth noting that the hotel is an alcohol-free environment.

During the high season, room rates start from $180, while in the low season, guests can rent a room at the rate of $70 per night.

al mamzar beach dubai Movenpick Hotel Apartments

Movenpick Hotel Apartments

Sharjah Palace Hotel 4*

Situated just 1 mile away from the public beaches of Al Mamzar, this 14-storey hotel offers a great location for guests. Sharjah Palace Hotel has been serving guests since 2010; it remains a comfortable and accommodating option for travelers (but it’s definitely not a place of luxury!).

The hotel offers a fantastic view of Mamzar Laguna, and a shuttle service transports visitors to the beach area during the day.

The hotel provides accessible accommodation for people with disabilities (specially equipped rooms are available for a fee).

mamzar park beach Sharjah Palace Hotel

Sharjah Palace Hotel

Sharjah Palace provides access to a spa and wellness center, a gym, a jacuzzi, and a sauna, available for an additional fee. The hotel has its own swimming pool, accompanied by a small relaxation area nearby.

The hotel’s rooms offer WiFi, ensuring guests stay connected during their visit.

Room rates here during the high season start from $130 per night, while during the low season, rates start at $65 per night.

Lavender Hotel Al Nahda

The 4-star Lavender Hotel Al Nahda is conveniently situated just a 15-minute walk from the beach.

The hotel boasts its own outdoor pool, a fitness center, free spacious parking, and an on-site restaurant. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

During the high season, room rates at this hotel start from $100 per night, while in the low season, rates begin at $75 per night.

al mamzar park dubai Lavender Hotel Al Nahda

Lavender Hotel Al Nahda

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can you bring snacks with you? Yes, you are free to bring food with you.
  2. Is barbecue allowed? No, BBQ is not allowed in the public beach areas, only at special places at Al Mamzar Beach Park.
  3. Can I make a fire at Al Mamzar? No, campfires and shisha are not permitted on the beach.
  4. Can I bring my dog to Al Mamzar? No, pets are not allowed at the beach and park area.
  5. Can I drink alcohol within the beach area? No, drinking alcohol on the beach is not allowed in UAE.

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