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Al Sufouh Beach

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Currently, Al Sufu Beach is closed to visitors. There is limited information available regarding the status of the beach’s accessibility. The existing details suggest that the area is now privately owned, with plans for a resort development underway. However, as of now, no official confirmation has been provided. This article will be updated once new information becomes available.

Al Sufouh is an expansive district in Dubai. Here you will find Al Sufouh Beach, which stands as one of the most exciting destinations in the city of Dubai.

The beach is shielded by a line of palm trees, making it challenging to spot while driving along the road. Hence, it is also known as Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, or Al Sufu. Close to the shoreline lies the residence of a Sheikh, and that’s why this beach is also called Black Palace Beach.

On the opposite side of Al Sufouh Beach, the renowned Burj Al Arab hotel graces the horizon, one of the symbols of Dubai city and its luxury life (this hotel features the upscale SAL Beach Club on-site).

Despite lacking some of the most needed amenities associated with comfortable beachfront spaces, Al Sufouh Beach gets attention not only from tourists but also from local residents.

al sufouh beach

Al Sufouh Beach

The coastal area takes approximately 0.65 mile in length and around 0.2 mile in width. This beach is known for its pristine white sands, and clear waters (the beach also has many dark stones). The absence of crowds provides a rare opportunity to truly enjoy the embrace of nature at Al Sufouh beach. Few people being around is another reason why many enjoy coming here for picnics.

sufouh beach

Few people being around is a major reason why many enjoy coming to Al Sufouh Beach

The sandy beach features a gradual water entrance, giving a great advantage for individuals seeking a calm experience at the beach.

Tip. For families with kids, it’s important to consider that this beach offers some perks like a gradual water entrance, shallow depths, and fine sand. However, it’s important to be aware of drawbacks such as the absence of toilets and showers. So, if you plan to visit this beach with children, you should carefully consider of what to bring with you (snacks, water, etc).

secret beach dubai

Al Sufouh Beach is ideal for tourists unbothered by the absence of amenities like showers and toilets. It’s a real haven for those seeking vast, crowd-free spaces along the bay.

Tip. Along the beach space, you won’t find food trucks, sun beds, changing cabins, showers, shadow spots, lights at night or even toilets. Al Sufouh area lacks amenities, so when you head to the beach, remember to bring your own mat or towel for sunbathing. Also don’t forget to take a hat, water, and snacks when visiting the beach. There’s now a lifeguard station on the beach.

It’s important to mention that Fridays in the UAE are days off and bring more beachgoers. Still, the beach is not so crowded as other beach spaces with attractions and amenities (like JBR Beach).


Entrance fee, opening hours Al Sufouh beach is open 24/7.
The entrance is free of charge.
What is the cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella? You should bring your own umbrella and towel. There is no any rental spot on the beach.
Is the beach crowded? Al Sufouh beach is not crowded.
Is the beach easily accessible and comfortable? The beach doesn’t offer any amenities like showers, toilets, and changing cabins. It’s reasonably suitable for families with children. Lifeguard is on duty. Area has a lot of parking space nearby.
Is the beach easy to reach? You can use buses 8, 88, and N55 to reach the Al Sufouh beach. You can also use metro to get to the beach (Dubai Internet City or Mashreq stop).
Is there an option to have dinner or lunch available? There is no restaurant option near the Al Sufouh beach. Bring snacks and water with you.

How to reach Al Sufouh beach?

Al Sufouh beach located at Al Sufouh – Al Sufouh 1 – Dubai.

Reaching the Al Sufouh beach offers a range of convenient options. Whether you prefer public transport, a rented car, or a taxi, your journey will be comfortable.

If you prefer using public transport, then you can take buses 8, 88, and N55 which navigate this route (bus stop King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street or Al Sufouh). There is also a tram stop nearby.

If you chose the metro route, hop onto the red line and hop off at Dubai Internet City or Mashreq stop. Afterward, take a 30 minutes’ walk in the direction of Palm Jumeirah, and you’ll find Al Sufouh Beach. If the weather is excessively hot and walking becomes challenging, consider taking a taxi from Dubai Internet City metro station for AED 15 (5$).

Al Sufouh beach parking

Alternatively, you can choose to drive to the beach using a car. For those getting by car, there’s a spacious and convenient parking area near the beach. Generally, the entire beach stands as a parking lot. However, it’s important to note that if you drive a low-slung car, reaching the beach can be challenging as there isn’t a conventional road. It’s advisable take 4×4 when navigating this area.

Al Sufouh beach timings

Al Sufouh beach welcomes you around the clock, with no set time limits; it’s opened every day, 24/7. Access to the beach is free.

Things to do at Al Sufouh beach

Al Sufouh beach fishing

On the left side, the beach is fenced with big stones, commonly used by fishermen. There’s a pier where many people enjoy fishing, especially on Sunday mornings. Note that the pier is natural, so keep in mind that you should bring your own fishing equipment — you won’t find a rent spot here.

Al Sufouh beach camping

For those who love camping, Al Sufouh beach is a welcoming destination. In the past, camping on the beach required payment and registration with local authorities. However, now you can set up camp for free on the beach for up to 15 days. Usually, camping becomes more popular here during the winter since the summer months can be exceedingly hot.

If you plan on an extended camping stay, you can purchase a permission through the Dubai Municipality app.

sufouh beach - secret beach

If camping is your passion, Al Sufouh is the perfect place to fully enjoy the stunning beaches of the Emirates

Note. Each trailer or camping space should not exceed an area of 400 square meters.

Al Sufouh Park

Al Sufouh park awaits just a short distance from the beach, with charming trees, colorful flowers, and a symphony of chirping birds. Sports enthusiasts will find basketball and football courts, offering a great space for sport activities. Here you will also find well-maintained restroom facilities.

al soufouh park

Al Sufouh park

For children, the park dedicates two separate play areas, ensuring kids will have their fun. The entrance is free, but it worth noting that the park is not public and reserved only for locals and families.

Sport activities

As the beach area is underdeveloped and it is almost in its natural state, you won’t find many public spaces for sports and running. However, there’s a fantastic volleyball court on the beach, and you can also enjoy playing soccer. Just remember to bring your own ball for playtime!

View from Al Sufouh beach

Surrounded by hotels and palace, Al Sufouh Beach is a fantastic spot in Dubai to get cool Instagram photos. What makes it truly special, though, are the views of Palm Jumeirah, famous Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah. There’s often anyone around, just white sand and the blue Persian Gulf, making the photos really amazing.

Hotels near Al Sufouh beach

There are no hotels in close proximity to Al Sufouh. The nearest options are 20-30 minutes’ walk from the beach. Here are a couple of hotels within walking distance from the beach:

Arjaan by Rotana

This 4-star Arabic-style hotel is situated just a 30-40 minutes’ walk away from Al Sufouh Beach. The hotel is located in a close proximity of 0,2 miles to the Al Khail Metro Station, with another metro station located about 0,8 mile away.

At Arjaan, guests can enjoy their own private swimming pool located just on the balcony, and the rooms offer a lovely view of Dubai Marina.

al sufouh beach Arjaan

Arjaan by Rotana

During the high season, room costs around US$150 per night, while during the low season a price starts at US$65 per night.

Holiday Inn Express Dubai — Internet City, an IHG Hotel

Nestled within Dubai Knowledge Village, this hotel offers a great location that blends convenience and comfort. The hotel located within 5 minutes away from Internet City and Media City districts of Dubai. The hotel has great options when using public transport: the nearest subway station is in a 10-15 minutes’ walk (Dubai Internet City Metro Station), also various public transport stops situated near the hotel. A 20-30 minutes’ walk will lead you to the Al Sufouh beach.

al sufouh beach Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Hotel provides a shuttle service connecting you to two destinations: Mall of the Emirates and Umm Suqeim beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel.

In the high season, room can cost around US$120 per night, while during the low season price starts from US$70 per night.

Important things to know

There are a few rules for tourists to keep in mind:

  1. It’s forbidden to consume alcohol in public areas.
  2. It’s forbidden to sunbath without appropriate clothing.
  3. Making a fire or having a barbecue on Al Sufouh beach is not allowed.

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