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Azure Beach Dubai

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Azure Beach Dubai is a beach club in the JBR district, right next to Palm Jumeirah at the Rixos Premium Dubai JBR Resort.

Visitors can enjoy the beach, two outdoor pools with views of the Arabian Gulf, a restaurant with a wide variety of food, and a bar.

The large temperature-controlled Infinity Pool spans 2500 square feet (770 square meters), while the smaller one covers 885 square feet (270 square meters) area. The smaller pool, called the Vogue Pool Party, is for adults only – in the evenings it hosts performances by famous musicians and parties.

azure beach dubai

Azure Beach Dubai is part of the Azure network, which also includes locations in Marbella, Beirut, and Dubai.

Azure Beach has a large sandy beach and a grassy area. The clear and calm waters of the bay allow all visitors to enjoy the warm sea, regardless of age.

azure beach

Azure Beach Dubai is a club with one of the highest ratings in central Dubai. Here you can have an unforgettable experience and a great vacation.

How to get to Azure Beach Dubai

The exact address of Azure Beach Dubai is 34JM+8V, Dubai, Dubai, UAE.

How to get to Azure Beach Dubai by car?

Azure Beach Dubai is located in Dubai’s JBR district, just a short walk from The Walk shopping mall and JBR beach. Taxi is the best way to get there quickly and easily. Just ask your driver to take you to Azure Beach Club or Rixos Premium Dubai. The journey from the city center takes about 15 minutes. You can also book a taxi through the Uber or Careem apps.

How to get to Azure Beach Dubai using public transport?

Public transportation is also an option to reach Azure Beach:

  • Take bus number 8, 84, or N55 to the Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 stop. From the bus stop, it’s just a 3–5-minute walk to the club. From the metro stop, it’s about a 15-minute walk. To get to the club from the metro, walk along Braih Street to The Walk. The Rixos Premium Resort territory will be on your right. Walk to the club through the main entrance of Rixos.
  • You can also take the tram to reach the club. Just get off at either Jumeirah Beach Residence or Dubai Marina Mall train station, then it’s just a short walk to Azure Beach Dubai.
  • If you prefer using the metro and are open to a short walk, consider reaching Sobha Realty or DMCC stations. The stroll from either station to the club takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Tip. Walk 15 minutes from Azure Beach to reach the popular Cove Beach Club.

Azure Beach Dubai open hours

Azure Beach Dubai’s pool and beach are open from 10 AM to 7 PM. Hotel guests have access from 7 AM.

The lounge is open from 8 AM to 10 PM, and the kitchen and shisha are open from 11 AM.

If you don’t have a reservation, come early to grab a good spot by the pool or on the beach. First come, first served.

When the Rixos Premium Dubai hotel is at full capacity, access to the club without a prior reservation may not be possible, as all available seats will be occupied by hotel guests.

VIP services require advanced booking (use email contacts on the club’s website).

Note. Azure Beach Dubai can be accessed by wheelchair users.

azure beach club dubai

Azure Beach Dubai is a good option for a family beach vacation.

Azure Beach Dubai prices

From Monday to Thursday, a day pass costs 200 AED ($55). This price includes access to the beach and pool. It also includes a sunbed and towel, so you don’t need to bring one with you. In addition, you will receive a voucher for 100 AED ($27) that can be redeemed for drinks and food.

From Friday to Sunday, the entrance fee is more expensive due to higher demand. You will pay 300 AED ($82), half of which can be used for food and drinks.

Note that you can visit the club with children. Children under 4 years old are free to enter. Children aged 5 to 12 years old receive a 50% discount, and from 13 years old you need to pay the full price. Minor guests must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian).

Azure Beach Ladies Day

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the club hosts Ladies Day. The 200 AED ($55) entry fee includes access to the pool and beach, as well as five vouchers for free drinks.

Tip. Within a two-minute walk from Azure along JBR beach, you’ll find Zero Gravity Beach Club and Bla Bla Dubai Beach Club.

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Azure Beach Dubai at Rixos Premium Dubai JBR Resort.

Private cabanas and beds

In case you need to spend time in a more elite setting, you have the alternative to book more elite accommodations close to the pool area:

  • You’ll be able rent cabanas, that can suit up to six or twelve individuals and include a private pool, beds, and umbrellas. The minimum spend for an expansive cabana is 4500 AED ($1225), and for a little cabana, it’s 3000 AED ($817).
  • Moreover, you have the alternative to rent VIP Pool Island beds, situated on your own assigned “island” inside the pool zone. These beds can suit up to 4 individuals, including children. The minimum spend for VIP Pool Island beds is 1500 AED or $410.
  • Another alternative is the Adults VIP Island beds, featuring comfortable beds. Unlike the previous sort of accommodation, this zone is reserved for people matured 21 years and older. The minimum spend for Adults VIP Island beds is 2000 AED or $545.

Note that cabanas must be booked in advance.

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At Azure Beach Dubai, you can also choose additional packages for special events, such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.

Host private events at Azure Beach Club

The club can also host private occasions, corporate dinners, presentations, weddings, and large parties. There’s the Azure Lounge with an area of 600 square feet (185 square meters) designed for up to 150 individuals. It is perfect for littler occasions, such as corporate parties or birthday parties. It features a modern and exquisite decor, and the expansive windows give stunning views of the bay in addition to providing easy access to the shoreline and pool. The lounge moreover features a bar and a dance floor, so you can party the night away.

The Azure Infinity Pool is the perfect setting for larger occasions. It includes open pool area, as well as an expansive deck zone where visitors can unwind and socialize. The pool also features a bar and a DJ booth, so you can enjoy the party atmosphere. In case you’re planning a bigger event, the Azure Pool can suit up to 400 individuals on a 4500 square feet zone (400 square meters).

Azure Beach Club Dubai Restaurant

Fresh and delightful dishes from the Azure Beach Dubai eatery will flawlessly complement your stay, whether you’re spending it on the shoreline, by the pool, or within the lounge. Azure Beach Restaurant offers both open air and indoor seating choices for visitors.

azure beach menu

Azure Beach Dubai restaurant

The menu at Azure Beach Club eatery draws inspiration from Asian cooking and includes sushi, pizza, meat dishes, vegan dishes, sandwiches, salads, and sweets.

  • Sushi: The eatery features a wide choice of sushi rolls, including classic rolls like the California roll and the Philadelphia roll, as well as more inventive rolls like the Azure roll, which is made with shrimp, avocado, and truffle sauce. Prices begin at 75 AED ($20) per plate and from 395 AED ($107) for a sample set.
  • Pizza: The restaurant offers an assortment of pizzas, including classic pizzas like the Margherita pizza and the pepperoni pizza, as well as more inventive pizzas like the Azure pizza, which is made with mozzarella cheese, shrimp, and avocado. Costs start at 75 AED or $20.
  • Meat dishes: The eatery offers an assortment of meat dishes, including grilled steaks, roasted chicken, and lamb kebabs.
  • Vegetarian dishes: The eatery offers an assortment of vegan dishes, including vegan lasagna, vegetable stir-fry, and barbecued vegetables.
  • Sandwiches: The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, including barbecued cheese sandwiches, club sandwiches, and BLT sandwiches.
  • Salads: The eatery offers an assortment of salads, including Caesar and Cobb salads, with prices beginning at 70 AED ($19).
  • Desserts: The eatery offers an assortment of sweets, including chocolate cake, cheesecake, and ice cream.
azure beach dubai menu

No matter what your taste, you can enjoy a tasty dinner, drink, and have an incredible time at Azure Beach Dubai.

The bar serves different drinks and non-alcoholic refreshments:

  • Wines: The wine list features a wide choice of wines from around the world, including France, Italy, Spain, and Australia. Prices begin at 50 AED ($14) for a glass of wine and 240 AED ($93) for a bottle.
  • Lager: The beer list features an assortment of lagers from both local and worldwide breweries. Prices begin at 55 AED ($15) for a half quart.
  • Cocktails: The cocktail menu features a variety of classic and advanced cocktails. Prices begin at 60 AED or $16.
  • Spirits: The spirits list features a wide choice of spirits, including bourbon, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. Prices begin at 50 AED or $14 for a shot.
  • Other drinks: The drink menu moreover features an assortment of other drinks, including fruit smoothies, soft drinks, energetic drinks, water, tea, and juices. Prices begin at 50 AED ($14).

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