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Deep Dive Dubai

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Deep Dive Dubai holds the Guinness World Record for the deepest pool and is located at Nad Al Sheba near the Dubai Hills Estate residential area in Dubai. It has a depth of 200 ft (60 meters) and holds more than 3000 gallons (14 million liters) of fresh water. The entire complex spans an area of nearly 5000 square feet or 1.5 square kilometers.

The pool features a unique design, including a submerged city and artificial corals, creating a distinctive and captivating environment for diving. Seen from above, the rooftop of the Deep Dive complex resembles a seashell, inspired by the bravery and heritage of UAE’s pearl diving.

Deep Dive Dubai offers a wide range of courses and programs for divers of different skill levels. The pool is also a popular venue for events such as freediving competitions and underwater photoshoots.

The complex’s highlight is its underwater “abandoned” city – this diver’s paradise offers the opportunity to explore fully furnished “rooms” in a sunken city. Here you can dive deep to discover a sunken Mercedes Benz, an oceanic library, a telephone booth, a sunken bicycle and motorcycle, and graffiti-adorned walls. Also, enjoy activities like underwater foosball or chess, and experience sitting on an underwater toilet. To enhance the diving experience, guests are immersed in a special atmosphere with a pool lighting system and accompanying captivating sound effects during diving sessions.

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Deep Dive Dubai opened its doors in July 2021, with an advertising campaign featuring famous actor Will Smith. Since then, the center has become a popular destination for scuba diving, freediving, and other water sports.

Maintaining a constant water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit, Deep Dive Dubai ensures a comfortable environment for divers. The comprehensive water purification system guarantees consistently clear and clean freshwater for unforgettable experiences and unobstructed exploration of the underwater world. Additionally, 56 underwater cameras are installed to capture your memorable dives. It’s worth mentioning that there is no marine life present in the pool.

To ensure pool hygiene and cleanliness, the water undergoes filtration every 6 hours using a specially delivered NASA-developed filtration system. This system utilizes the ionization process to effectively control bacteria.

At depths of 20 feet (6 meters) and 70 feet (21 meters), there are two hyperbaric chambers hidden within the pool. Each chamber is shaped like a round air capsule and can accommodate up to 12 people. A tired diver can swim here to rest without the need to use breathing equipment.

The Deep Dive Dubai center frequently trains teams of firefighters and army personnel.

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If you’re at Deep Dive and prefer not to dive, relax behind the large viewing glasses and enjoy watching your friends or relatives swim.

While Deep Dive Dubai focuses on diving, the complex includes a spacious 80-seat NextLevel Restaurant, where visitors can enjoy their snacks, juice, coffee, sandwiches, and other refreshments. During lunchtime, guests can watch divers through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Furthermore, there’s a gift shop on the premises of the center where visitors can purchase souvenirs and branded products.

Important! Following a Deep Dive diving session, it’s crucial to avoid visiting high-altitude places (such as the upper floors of the Burj Khalifa or flying on a plane) for 24 hours after the dive.

Deep Dive Dubai location

The Deep Dive pool is located at the address NAS Sports Complex – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

If you plan to visit the deepest pool in Dubai, it’s best to use a taxi or car rental. Public transportation does not operate in the area where Deep Dive Dubai is located (there are no public transport stops nearby, including both metro and bus), so take any available taxi or book one using Uber or another available taxi app.

A drive from the city center to Dubai Deep Dive takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. Ask the driver to take you to the NAS Sports Complex, where the deepest pool in Dubai is located. It is a popular destination in Dubai, so drivers are familiar with the quickest routes to get there.

If you are taking your own or a rented car, there is a parking lot on the premises with an ample number of parking spaces.

The closest metro station is Onpassive Metro Station. Consider taking a taxi from there for additional savings – reaching Deep Dive from this station will cost you around 42 AED or $12.

The closest bus station is Nad Al Shiba, Intersection 1-1, which is approximately 4.4 miles or 7.2 kilometers away. From there, you’ll need to either take a considerable walk or opt for a taxi to reach your destination. You can use buses 50, 66, and 67 to reach this bus station.

Tip. If you’re into diving, consider a visit to Dive Atlantis, the diving center at Atlantis The Palm resort.

Deep Dive Dubai opening hours

Dubai’s deepest pool operates daily from 9 AM to 6 PM. It’s important to note that the last visitors are accepted one hour before closing, so plan to arrive no later than 5 PM to fully enjoy this unique attraction (one ticket lets you dive for one hour).

Be aware that opening hours may vary depending on the season or national holidays, so we recommend calling Deep Dive Dubai to confirm the details.

Guests are required to bring their swimsuits and slippers.

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No matter your diving experience, Deep Dive Dubai offers you the opportunity to gain unforgettable impressions and master something new.

Note. For those aged 50 and above, Deep Dive Dubai recommends getting a doctor’s approval before diving. But generally, there is no age limit at Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai prices

The ticket price at Deep Dive Dubai depends on what activities you want to engage in, the duration, and the depth of your dive. All experiences at Deep Dive include access to showers, towels, robes, and personal lockers for your belongings.

Important! For swimming with an instructor and most pool experiences, guests must be a minimum of 10 years old (to participate in the special Experiences for Kids program children must be 8 years old). Children must be accompanied by a parent or security guard to participate in the activities.

Note that you’ll need to present a valid ID at the entrance for identification purposes. Before your session, you’ll need to sign a health assessment.

If you prefer a female instructor, you can request one at the time of booking.

Note. Outside drinks, food, glassware, and alcohol are not permitted inside the center. Pets are also not allowed on the premises of the Deep Dive Center.

Here are the prices you can expect when planning your visit to Deep Dive Dubai:

Diving with equipment and instructor

The following services are available only for certified divers (you will need to show a certification document, PADI diving license):

  • 1200 AED ($326): Dive to a depth of up to 100 feet (30 meters) with one instructor for every three guests, an underwater city tour, and diving equipment included.
  • 2400 AED ($652): Everything mentioned above, with one instructor for every two guests, and a short video highlighting the best moments of the dive.
  • 3000 AED ($816): All of the above, with a personal instructor and an additional behind-the-scenes tour. For this price, you can also order a birthday celebration package, which includes a small cake, decorations, and an underwater card.

Qualified and certified divers can also book dives to a depth of 131 feet (40 meters) using Triox for 1500 AED ($408) or Trimix to 60 meters (200 feet) for 1800 AED ($490).

deep dive dubai opening hours

If ordinary beaches or restaurants have become mundane, Deep Dive Dubai will be a breath of fresh air in Dubai’s sea of entertainment.

If you have the necessary skills and certification, you can opt for freediving without equipment (breath-hold diving) for 900 AED ($245) with an instructor.

Tip. You can book your visit to Deep Dive online. If you want to gift a dive certificate to a friend or relative, simply purchase a gift certificate online.

Dubai’s deepest pool is not only available for experienced divers with the necessary certifications. If you are not a certified diver but want to try this exhilarating activity, instructors at Deep Dive Dubai will be happy to teach you the basics of diving and freediving. For safety reasons, please note that diving with personal equipment is not permitted.

Important! For beginners, your diving session will start with a brief instruction on equipment usage and ensuring a safe experience.

  • Discover Scuba: Diving with equipment to a depth of up to 40 feet (12 meters) ranging from 1800 AED to 3000 AED ($490-816).
  • Shallow Diving: 900 AED ($245) to 10 feet (3 meters). An excellent choice for beginners looking to get acquainted, as well as suitable for children (from 10 years old).
  • Discover Snorkeling: 400 AED ($108). An opportunity to explore the underwater world without diving deep. You will be provided with a mask, snorkel, and a special suit that keeps you buoyant on the water’s surface. A great option for families or less experienced swimmers. There are no age restrictions, so even young children can have a great time.
  • Facility tour. Explore behind-the-scenes at Deep Dive Dubai and enjoy a 100 AED credit at NextLevel Restaurant as part of your admission.
  • Discover Freediving: 1100 AED ($299). This package includes an instructor who will teach you the basics of freediving and breath-hold diving.

If you are looking to delve more seriously into diving, Deep Dive Dubai offers a safe, comfortable, and convenient training center where you can acquire novice diver skills to a depth of 60 feet (18 meters). The training costs range from 4000 to 6000 AED ($1090-1634).

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