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Jumeirah Public Beach

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Jumeirah Public Beach or Jumeirah 2 Beach is public in Dubai. It is located in the popular Jumeirah area, right by Jumeirah Beach Road, and next to Mercato Beach. Here, you can find places for recreation, hotels, resorts, clubs, marinas, restaurants, and shopping centers.

If you want to spend a great time in nature while enjoying the amenities of a modern metropolis, then Jumeirah Public Beach in Dubai is a must-visit place for you.

jumeirah public beach

Jumeirah’s beaches were some of the first in the early days of modern Dubai.

Jumeirah Public Beach stretches for approximately 0,8 miles along the waterfront road. It is about 130 feet (40 meters) wide, allowing visitors to find a comfortable spot for relaxation without being surrounded by a large crowd.

Similar to other beaches in the UAE, it features fine, white, pristine sand and clear emerald waters.

jumeirah public beach dubai

Like other beaches near the city center, Jumeirah Public Beach offers all the essentials — sun loungers, showers, and changing cabins.

Just be aware that the shore descends quite quickly, so you can enter the water fairly deep without venturing too far from the shore. The swimming area is marked off with buoys, so do not swim past them.

The beach also features a very picturesque pier with lights, gently descending into the water and creating a captivating atmosphere, especially in the evening. It also allows individuals with limited physical abilities to enjoy the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

jumeirah 2 open beach

Jumeirah Public Beach offers white sand, and clear water (but sometimes, with significant depth).

Although Jumeirah Public Beach is a public recreation area, it is equipped with necessary for your comfort:

  • There are shower cabins where you can freshen up before or after swimming or rinse the sand off your feet.
  • Changing rooms are available, as well as storage spaces for belongings.
  • Additionally, there are lifeguard towers with qualified lifeguards who ensure the safety of tourists during operating hours.

There’s a Kids’ Play Area on the beach, ensuring your children have a great time without getting bored.

jumeirah 2 beach

Jumeirah Public Beach stands out for its lack of tourist crowds.

Jumeirah Public Beach is a wonderful beach retreat in Dubai. It is accessible to everyone and offers a wide range of activities and amenities. Visit the beach to swim in the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, soak up the sun on the white sand, play beach games with friends, jog, or take a leisurely stroll (there’s a jogging/bicycling path right on the beach — less than a mile long), dine at a waterfront cafe, or simply enjoy nature on a lounge chair under an umbrella.

If a more tranquil experience is what you seek, the adjacent beach library provides an opportunity to read an interesting book in the shade of the covered beach area.

Tip. Right by the beach, you’ll discover another of Dubai’s popular beach clubs, Nammos Beach Club.


Entrance fee, opening hours Opened 24/7. The entrance is free. No lifeguards are on duty at the Jumeirah Public Beach after 18:00.
What is the cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella? You have the option to rent a sun lounger and an umbrella on Jumeirah Public Beach, or you can bring your own towel.
Is the beach crowded? Jumeirah Public Beach is not crowded, sometimes crowded on weekends and holidays.
Is the beach easily accessible and comfortable? The beach offers essential amenities like showers, changing cabins, and toilets. It’s suitable for families with children. The area has a spacious parking slot.
Is the beach easy to reach? Yes, you can use buses 8, 9, 81, N55, X28, or 88 to reach the beach.
Is there an option to have dinner or lunch available? Yes, there are a bunch of restaurants around the beach area. It will cost you from 50 AED (14$) per person to have lunch.

How to get to Jumeirah Public Beach

The exact address of Jumeirah Public Beach is 664R+QH3 – Jumeirah St – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Practically all the popular beaches in Dubai are located in the Jumeirah area, where the majority of tourist attractions are concentrated. Since this area is well-known, you should have no difficulty finding your way to Jumeirah Public Beach.

The closest metro station is Business Bay, and it’s about a 30-40 minute walk from there to reach the beach.

Take a taxi from the parking area or use the Uber app to call a ride.

If you are traveling by car, head towards Jumeirah Street, turn onto 13A Street, and then make a left onto Al Urouba Street. Jumeirah Public Beach will be on your right.

Note. There is a public parking area near the beach where you can leave your car for free. To access it, drive along Jumeirah Beach Road and turn onto 23A Street.

Planning to visit the beach using public transportation? Nearby bus stops include Rashid Al Hadees Masjid 1, Al Arouba Street 2, and Rashid Al Hadees Masjid 2. Utilize one of the following busses:

  • 8
  • 9
  • 81
  • 88
  • N55
  • X28

The shoreline is a brief 3-5 minute walk from the stops.

Jumeirah Public Beach prices and opening hours

The beach is open 24/7 at no cost since it is a public space open to everybody. Swimming isn’t suggested after 6:
00 PM as there are no lifeguards on duty after this hour. It’s way better not to take any dangers.

To completely enjoy this shoreline, it’s best to go on weekdays since weekends are busier. The busiest times are from 3:
00 PM until midnight, so come early around 8 AM or 9 AM if you need to enjoy a calm morning on the weekends.

What to do at Jumeirah Public Beach?

Usually, on public shorelines, guests need to engage themselves, but within the vicinity of the beach, there are numerous interesting places you’ll be able to visit once you get tired of splashing under the sun or swimming in the waters. Here are a couple of choices:

Watersports at Waydoo eFoils

Waydoo eFoils is a German-based company specializing in the sale of watersports gear, including underwater bikes, efoils, and flyer wings.

Jumeirah Public Beach Waydoo eFoils

Waydoo eFoils

Here you have the option to rent this gear for an exceptional beach day. Here are a few cost examples for efoil sessions at Waydoo:

  • 40-min — 480 AED ($131)
  • 1 hour — 650 AED ($177)
  • 2 hours — 1,200 AED ($327)

During the sessions, you have the alternative to hire a individual instructor and get a noteworthy discount, in case you decide to buy the hardware afterward.

City Walk Shopping Center

City Walk is a shopping center located in the area near Jumeirah Beach. It boasts a vibrant and modern design that mixes with the surrounding environment. The mall’s primary shopping areas are outside, and in the evening, lighting adds charm to the environment.

Jumeirah Public Beach City Walk Shopping Center

City Walk

The shopping center is always busy with lots of guests. Inside, you’ll discover cafes, eateries, shops, and a cinema.

Sky Views Observatory

An observation deck situated on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the Address Sky View Hotel. The Sky Views Observatory consists of two levels. On the 52nd floor, there’s a two-level observation deck with panoramic windows offering sees of Downtown Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, and other points of interest.

Tip. On the 54th floor of this hotel, you’ll discover the Address Sky View Infinity Pool, which offers one of the foremost breathtaking rooftop pool experiences within the city.

Sky Views Observatory

Sky Views Observatory

On the 53rd floor, you’ll find the Glass Slide, a transparent slide allowing you to slip from one level to another. This attraction provides thrilling views of the city and an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Sky Views Observatory could be an incredible way to see Dubai from a bird’s-eye perspective, suitable for visitors of all ages and bravery levels.

Masjid Rashid Al Hadeeth and Rashid bin Bakhit Mosques

Adjacent the shoreline, you will discover two well-known points of interest in Dubai – Masjid Rashid Al Hadeeth and Rashid bin Bakhit mosques. Note that in case you’re not Muslim, you might not be permitted inside. But you can still admire the mosques’ architecture from the exterior.

Masjid Rashid Al Hadeeth and Rashid bin Bakhit Mosques

Mosques close to Jumeirah Public Beach

Hotels near Jumeirah Public Beach Dubai

There are no hotels right following to the shoreline, but you’ll discover the following options adjacent:

La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK Dubai, Autograph Collection

A boutique hotel located within the heart of the City Walk district in Dubai. Opened in 2017, it offers modern rooms and apartments, as well as a wide range of amenities and services. Prices for a room start from 1200 AED ($330). The hotel is situated 1.6 miles (2.7 kilometers) away from the shoreline.

La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK Dubai

La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK Dubai

Shangri-La, Dubai

A five-star hotel located within the Dubai Marina area. The hotel boasts 7 eateries and bars, a top-notch SPA center, and an outdoor swimming pool.

As this hotel may be a bit further from the shoreline, costs here are somewhat lower, and you’ll be able to book a room starting from 920 AED ($250). The hotel is situated 2.4 miles (4 kilometers) away from the shoreline.

Shangri-La, Dubai


Bulgari Resort Dubai

A luxurious resort situated on an island shaped like a dolphin within the Arabian Gulf. It’s an amazing choice for those looking to rent luxurious apartments for the most comfortable stay. The prices here are higher, with rooms beginning from 5500 AED ($1480). The hotel is situated 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) away from the shoreline.

Bulgari Resort Dubai

Bulgari Resort Dubai

Four Seasons Resort Dubai

This extravagant resort is just a 5-minute walk from the shoreline. At the Four Seasons Resort, you’ll discover two swimming pools, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a fully-equipped fitness center and spa on-site, top-notch service, and more. The hotel also features the SUQ eatery, known for its excellent cuisine.

Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Four Seasons Resort Dubai

During the high season, the cost per night ranges from $600 to $1100, while in the low season, it’s $300 and higher.

Restaurants and cafés near Jumeirah Public Beach

We recommend visiting the following eateries in the Jumeirah Public Beach zone:

Karachi Grill

A generally inexpensive and stylish restaurant serving traditional Pakistani food. Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes in a wonderful environment, with prices ranging from 50-100 AED ($13-26).

Karachi Grill

Karachi Grill

Kaak Al Manara Al Wasl Road

A restaurant specializing in Lebanese cooking, particularly in kaak, which are round bread cakes made from fresh dough and sesame seeds. You can also try hummus, falafel, shawarma, and kebabs. The restaurant offers a variety of beverages, including Arabic coffee, tea, and fresh juices. Prices start below 100 AED ($26).

Kaak Al Manara Al Wasl Road

Kaak Al Manara Al Wasl Road

COYA Dubai

This Peruvian eatery is just a 5-minute walk from the beach. At COYA Dubai, you’ll be able enjoy a assorted array of dishes, ranging from seabass croquettes and wagyu meat to chocolate cake and cocktails. In the evenings, there are frequently live performances by musicians.

COYA Dubai

COYA Dubai

At COYA Dubai, costs are on the higher side. Expect to spend around 600 AED ($165) for a dinner for two.

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