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Kite Beach

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Kite Beach, situated in the Jumeirah area of Dubai, is an expansive shoreline that extends from the fishing village to the yacht club, with translucent, turquoise waters.

kite beach dubai

While enjoying a swim at Kite Beach, you’ll not only feel the soft sand beneath your feet but also many small fishes shoaling through the waters. 

Even though Kite Beach has everything you need for a nice time, it remains calm and doesn’t get too crowded, welcoming only a small number of beachgoers. One contributing factor is its secluded location (Kite Beach isn’t as far away as Jebel Ali Beach, but it’s still quite a distance from the city center), and the second is the prevailing strong winds in the Kite Beach area, which have naturally attracted surfers and kite enthusiasts, but not regular beachgoers.

dubai kite beach

Kite Beach will undoubtedly enchant tourists seeking large spaces for relaxation and activities.

A visit to Kite Beach is not only an opportunity to see colorful kites adorning the sky but also a chance to witness the acrobatics performed by both novices and masters.


Entrance fee, opening hours Opened 24/7. The entrance is free. Swimming is prohibited after 19:00.
What is the cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella? Remember to bring your own umbrella and towel.
As an option, you can buy a day pass at a local beach club Sole Mio for 120 AED (32$) and get a personal sunbed and umbrella.
Is the beach crowded? Kite Beach usually is not crowded, even on weekends. But when it’s windy, it becomes a hotspot for surfers and kite enthusiasts.
Is the beach easily accessible and comfortable? The beach offers essential amenities like showers, toilets, and changing cabins, charging stations. It’s reasonably suitable for families with children. The lifeguard is on duty. The area has multiple spacious parking slots nearby.
Is the beach easy to reach? You can use the 81 bus to reach the beach, but the beach is quite far from the city center. The best option is to use a taxi.
Is there an option to have dinner or lunch available? Yes, there are a few cafes near the Kite Beach area. It will cost you about 90 AED (25$) per person to have lunch.

Kite Beach location

Kite Beach is located at Umm Suqeim – Jumeirah 3, just off Jumeirah Beach Road.

To reach the beach, you have a few options available.

Note that many hotels in Downtown, Business Bay, and Barsha offer a free shuttle bus service to Kite Beach (like Wyndham Dubai Deira, Mercure Hotel, and others).

How to get to Kite Beach using public transport?

If you plan to reach Kite Beach by public transport, note that the journey will involve transfers.

How to get to Kite Beach by bus?

You can begin by taking the metro to the Mall of the Emirates metro station, and once you reach the station, you will need to transfer to bus 81 from Mall of the Emirates 2-2 bus stop that will take you to the Umm Suqeim 2-1 stop. From there, it’s just a short 10-minute walk to reach the beach.

Mashreq Metro Station also provides an easy transfer point to catch bus 81. To reach the beach, take a bus at Mashreq Metro Bus Stop Landside after getting off the metro.

The closest bus stations, within a 10-minute walk to reach Kite Beach, are Abu Manara Masjid, Umm Suqeim 1-1, and Umm Suqeim 1-2.

Note that buses 8, 88, and N55 also stop at Abu Manara Masjid bus station.

Tip. Next to this beach lies another popular destination for kite fans in Dubai – Ness Nass Beach.

How to get to Kite Beach by metro?

There is no metro station near Kite Beach in close proximity. The nearest metro station is Onpassive, it is in 30-minute walk from the beach. However, to save money and time, you can head to Onpassive Metro Station and then take a taxi to Kite Beach for 20 AED (6$).

Tip. You will find Splash ‘n’ Party Kids Waterpark in just a 15-minute walk from Kite Beach and a few minutes away from Onpassive Metro Station.

How to get to Kite Beach by car?

If you plan to reach Kite Beach by car, the most convenient route is to take the Al Manara Road junction and then turn onto one of the minor side roads. The beach is situated just behind Saga World.

Kite Beach parking

When it comes to parking, there are several options available near Kite Beach. The parking areas are located in close proximity to the beach and offer convenient access.

The cost for one hour of parking is 10 AED (3$). Additionally, there is also the option to use the municipality street parking near the beach, which operates on a coin and ticket system and offers a more budget-friendly price.

Kite Beach opening hours

Kite Beach operates around the clock, offering visitors 24-hour access. However, certain amenities such as restaurants, toilets, showers, and water sports rentals have specific operating hours (it is advisable to visit during business hours from 8:30 to 22:00).

Important to mention that swimming is prohibited after 19:00 to ensure the safety of beachgoers.

Kite Beach prices

As a public beach, there is no entrance fee at Kite Beach, it’s free of charge. However, other services provided on the beach are subject to payment.

kite beach jumeirah

Kite Beach is an easy-to-reach haven, offering water sports, sunbathing and serene swimming.

Things to do at Kite Beach

Kite Beach, while not as well-developed as its counterpart, Umm Suqeim Beach, offers a bunch of amenities and convenient access to the water. Situated in close proximity to the beach, there are a variety of restaurants, food trucks, and entertainment spaces.

kite beach activities

The Kite Beach boasts excellent walking and jogging paths, while also accommodating the needs of mothers with strollers and wheelchair users, with paths leading nearly to the water’s edge. 

The beach itself provides well-maintained infrastructure, including toilets and changing rooms located in a separate building, as well as both open and enclosed shower points; there are also charging stations available for your devices.

jumeirah kite beach

Kite Beach area has emerged as a haven for surfers and kiters, so even from a bird’s eye view you can see how sails and colorful kites dot the skies.

Kite Beach feature

A vibrant community of kiters assembles when the winds blow, lending a unique character to this beach.

However, due to the kite activity, swimming in this area can become quite challenging. Unfortunately, predicting the weather conditions can be not so easy: you can encounter both excessively strong winds or complete calmness.

kite beach

During periods when no wind is anticipated, the beach remains blissfully uncrowded, looking like a deserted island. This allows you to bask in solitude on the unbelievably beautiful sandy shoreline, accompanied by azure waters.

Local kite enthusiasts suggest that the optimal time to ride the waves with a kite is between 14:00 and 16:00. During this time, the open waters in front of the beach offer the most favorable conditions for a kiteboarding experience.

public kite beach

Kite Beach is not only a haven for water sports fans but also a great place for those who like beachside dining.

Kite Beach cafes, restaurants, and food trucks

While Kite Beach may not have as many restaurants and cafes as some other beaches in Dubai, there are still some great options to choose from.

Restaurants near the beach

Near Kite Beach, you’ll discover a bunch of cafes and eateries (although luxury restaurants are not prevalent in this area).

Kimbo Espresso Italiano

One recommendation is Kimbo Espresso Italiano. It is located in the relaxation zone, offering a welcome respite from the sun-soaked sands. With an approximate cost of 50 AED (15$) per person, their menu boasts an array of salads, sandwiches, refreshing beverages, and more.

Kimbo Espresso Italiano Kite Beach

Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Borbone Pizzeria & Caffe

The second noteworthy cafe nearby is Borbone Pizzeria & Caffe, known for its pizzas, lasagna, croissants, and salads. This cafe leans towards a slightly higher price range, with an average cost of 80 AED (22$) per person.

Kite Beach Borbone Pizzeria & Caffe

Borbone Pizzeria & Caffe

Circle Café (Park House)

Another recommendation is the Circle Café (Park House), which is located a little further away than the others.

Here you will find good service and a simple and “understandable” menu. You won’t find any culinary delights here, but the portions are huge and tasty.

The disadvantage of this cafe is that sometimes in the morning it is quite loud here because of the music. Both outdoor and indoor seating is available.

The cost per person for breakfast from 50 AED (15$), and eating at lunch will cost about 80 AED (22$).

circle café kite beach

Circle Café

Food trucks with snacks and ice cream

At Kite Beach, you will find an array of food trucks offering an assortment of snacks and desserts — from corn and German sausages to refreshing frappes and ice cream scoops. The cost of desserts on the beach usually starts at around 15 AED (5$).

food trucks kite beach

Food trucks at Kite Beach.

Kite Beach activities

Kite Beach is an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities to indulge in. Whether you are a fan of swimming, kitesurfing, or enjoying engaging in various physical pursuits, this beach has it all. From water sports to beachside workouts, Kite Beach provides the perfect options to spend your days actively.

Kite Beach water sports

Kitesurf School Dubai (KSD)

Just a minute walk from the beach, you’ll find Kitesurf School Dubai (KSD), a kite surfing school and shop that offers a comprehensive range of water sports activities and equipment. Whether you’re interested in kitesurfing, SUP, jetboarding, windsurfing, or more adventurous paddle boarding or kayaking, this school covers your needs.

Kitesurf School Dubai provides classes for tourists looking to learn surfboarding, paddleboarding, and more.

paddle boarding kite beach Kitesurf School Dubai

At Kitesurf School Dubai you can rent a wide range of equipment to suit your water sports needs.

Whether you’re interested in surfboards, kiteboards, or looking to rent stand-up paddleboards, you’ll find it all here.

KSD prices
  • The cost of renting equipment:
    — Surfboard starts at 90 AED (25$) per hour
    — Kite costs 200 AED/hour (56$)
    — Board costs 100 AED/hour (28$)
    — Harness costs 50 AED/hour (14$)
  • Complete kitesurfing equipment (kite, board, harness, leash) starts from 250 AED (70$) per hour, providing you with the necessary gear to enjoy your time on the water.
  • Private surfing classes will cost you 429 AED (117$) per hour here (a 3-hour package Introduction to Kitesurfing will cost you 1200 AED (327$).
    You can join group surfing lessons for 250 AED ($68) per hour, with up to 3 people per instructor.
Kids Surf classes

The school also provides windsurfing classes for children, welcoming kids as young as 5 years old. These courses extend up to 12 weeks, allowing flexible training schedules, ranging from 1 to 3 lessons per week.

A week of education will be priced from 1350 AED ($368).

Sole Mio Beach Club

Right on the beach, you’ll find Sole Mio Beach Club. While it may not offer the same level of luxury as places like Nikki Beach or the clubs along Palm West Beach, it does provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of one of Dubai’s finest beaches from the comfort of your own sun lounger.

sole mio kite beach dubai

Sole Mio Dubai Beach Club 

Here are the prices at Sole Mio Beach Club:

  • A Regular Beach Day Pass at Sole Mio costs 120 AED (32$), and it includes a sun lounger, towel, and your own spot for the entire day.
  • For a more comfortable stay with a prime front-row spot, you can purchase a VIP Beach Day Pass for 150 AED (41$). This one comes with a premium lounger and a seat in either the first or second row near the water.
  • Sole Mio’s most comfortable option is the Cabana Beach Day Pass, priced at 500 AED ($137). This option is ideal for groups of up to 4 people or families with children. At this price, you get your own cabana situated right by the water.
  • To use the towel, a security deposit of 50 AED ($14) will be required. This deposit will be refunded upon the return of the towel.

While the club doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, you can conveniently order food and drinks from nearby cafes and shops. Just scan the QR code on your umbrella, place your order, and relax — your order will be delivered directly to you after a short wait.

It’s important to mention, that Sole Mio doesn’t have private showers or changing rooms. Visitors will have to use the public facilities located on the beach.

The entrance is free for children under 12 years old.

Sole Mio operates from 9:00 AM until sunset.

Aqua Parks Leisure

Within walking distance from the beach, you’ll find a mini aqua park that promises endless fun for both children and adults.

Sure, it may not be as large as the well-known Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai, but it’s still worth checking out. With lifeguards ensuring safety, this water park is a fantastic option for a memorable day out.

The water park Leisure operates daily from 8:30 AM until sunset. The entrance ticket for the aqua park costs 70 AED (19$) per hour, but if you purchase it through Kidzapp, you will get a discounted rate of 60 AED (16$).

kite beach aqua park

Leisure aqua park 

There’s a washroom and changing area within a minute’s walk. We would suggest you come in a swimming costume directly. It’s better to bring a large towel to change after visiting the water park, and snacks for your kids and you.

Wellness and sport

On certain days, Kite Beach hosts a range of activities and mini-festivals directly on its sandy shores. These events include public yoga sessions, group workouts, and other fitness activities.

For children, there are additional attractions available, such as trampolines and bouncy castles, ensuring that younger visitors are engaged and active.

kite beach jogging

At Kite Beach, there is a 9-mile-long running track, offering a scenic route for morning walks or jogs.

XPark by Etisalat

XPark is an excellent destination for both young children and teenagers who have a passion for skateboarding or scootering, regardless of their skill level. The XPark, with its dynamic 10 000 ft space and prime Kite Beach location, comprises two main zones: the Playground and the chill-out area, ensuring a diverse experience for visitors of all ages.

The Playground boasts an array of exciting features, including a parkour area, a climbing wall, a calisthenics area, and the renowned XDubai skatepark. This section caters to skateboarders and scooter fans, providing them with ample space and thrilling obstacles to showcase their skills.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, XPark offers an ideal environment to practice and improve your abilities.

Furthermore, for those who don’t have their own equipment, the park offers skateboard and scooter rentals.

xpark kite beach

XPark by Etisalat 

Near the skate park, you’ll find the chill-out area. Here, visitors can engage in slower-paced games such as gigantic chess, giant Jenga, and ping pong. It’s a perfect spot for skateboarding sessions or simply relaxing and soaking up the vibrant ambiance.

To access the XPark skate park and all its thrilling amenities, an entrance fee of 75 AED (21$) is required.

Children camp at XPark

The children’s summer camp at the park is a fantastic opportunity for kids to engage in a range of activities and make new friends in a fun and supervised environment. The camp operates from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM, providing a fulfilling morning with engaging experiences.

Throughout the camp, children will participate in all 3 activities. Additionally, lunch is provided.

The cost of the children’s summer camp is from 350 AED (96$) per week.

Important. Note that at the skateboard park, children aged 4 and above are welcome to enjoy the experience of skateboarding. However, children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the park’s facility.

Volleyball court

Whether you’re a volleyball enthusiast or simply looking to have some fun, at Kite Beach you’ll find people to form teams and play exciting matches here.

kite beach Volleyball court

The beach volleyball court at Kite Beach is a hub of activity, attracting numerous individuals eager to join the game.

For those interested in improving their beach volleyball skills, the Esperia Volleyball Academy operates on the court. The academy offers lessons for individuals aged 12 and above.

Esperia not only offers training sessions but also organizes a variety of tournaments, children’s camps, and other engaging activities throughout the year.

A rental fee of 70 AED (20$) per hour is applicable at the court.

The race track for kids Beach Buggie

Near the beach, you’ll find the exciting Beach Buggie race track, offering an exciting experience for children. At this playground, kids have the opportunity to drive their own personal electric cars on a specially designed track, adding an extra dose of fun and adventure to their beach visit.

The rental prices for electric cars start at 25 AED (7$) for 5 minutes when renting a small children’s electric car, and 50 AED (15$) for 5 minutes when renting a larger electric motorcycle.

Kite Beach Park XPark Jr.

Close the shoreline, there’s another superb destination for activities with children. XPark Jr. offers a delightful array of attractions that children are sure to enjoy: from exciting slides and climbing frames to a charming fountain and a winding stream.

Furthermore, a petting zoo awaits (housing cute goats, rabbits, and turtles), providing a memorable and interactive experience for young guests.

xpark jr kite beach

XPark JR 

One of the features of this park is the abundance of shade given by the surrounding trees, offering much-needed rest from the burning sun, even during the hottest weather.

Each session at the park lasts for 2 hours. After each session, the park’s staff clean the premises before inviting new visitors. It is advisable to make a reservation online to secure a spot for the session you plan to attend. Inside the park, you’ll discover showers, toilets, and a café.

Note. It is crucial to mention that not all activities inside the park are suitable for children of all ages. Particularly, certain areas of the park are limited to children under 5 years old. It is important to keep this in mind when arranging a visit.

Here is the plan of sessions within the park:

Session 1 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Session 2 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Session 3 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Session 4 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM

The entrance charge to XPark Jr. is 80 AED (22$) per child when accompanied by 2 adults. Moreover, each extra adult going with the child will be charged 30 AED (9$).

Kite Beach: hotels nearby

Due to its location somewhat away from the city center, the apartment choices are somewhat limited. In any case, for those seeking a dynamic stay and who have chosen Kite Beach, there’s a highly recommended 4-star hotel called Beach Walk Hotel located around a 10-minute walk from the shoreline. This hotel offers a restaurant, fitness center, terrace, and private parking.

The cost of staying at this hotel begins from 90$ per night.

Beach Walk Hotel Kite Beach

Beach Walk Hotel

Note. If you’re searching for luxurious hotels within strolling distance of the beach, you won’t discover them in this area.

View from Kite Beach

Kite Beach offers an incredible opportunity to capture stunning Instagram photographs. With its waves and the presence of kiters, the shoreline becomes a canvas adorned with colorful kites, making the perfect background for any photo. For those looking for the most charming shots, the golden hour at sunset gives a perfect lighting environment, casting a warm and captivating shine over the scene.

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