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La Mer Beach

by Cyril Kardashevsky

At the moment, La Mer beach is under reconstruction. We will update this page as soon as construction is completed! You can visit the public beach, but all restaurants and shops nearby are closed at the moment.

La Mer Beach, located in the prestigious Jumeira 1 neighborhood, is tretching along 1.5 miles of pristine white sand and offers a unique beach experience.

La Mer Beach can be seen as two beaches located side by side, separated by a cape that features a water park. The beach on the left, often referred to as the “wild” beach, has minimal development and offers a more untouched beach space. On the right, you’ll find a fully equipped beach with a promenade that includes walking areas, play zones, playgrounds, fountains, showers, and toilets.

Compared to other popular beaches like Umm Suqeim, La Mer Beach is less crowded with tourists, yet it maintains a pleasant level of activity, making it a great alternative to the more bustling Kite Beach.

One of the exciting features of La Mer Beach is the stunning architecture surrounding it, creating a mini-city-like atmosphere. The infrastructure facilities at La Mer are designed with attention given to the smallest details. The style varies, but you’ll notice influences from Californian architecture, loft designs, and art house elements. The beach is adorned with captivating wall paintings and installations, adding a touch of creativity to the surroundings.

Another noteworthy feature of La Mer Beach is its calm waters, which remain tranquil even in windy weather. Unlike other beaches in Dubai, La Mer stands out for its abundant greenery, including tall coconut trees, low banana palms, lush shrubs with green leaves, and flowers. Essentially, La Mer Beach offers a promenade area where the whole family can find what to do.

La Mer Beach

The sand on La Mer Beach is coarse and white, interspersed with tiny shell fragments, while the water is a captivating turquoise-emerald hue. As you wade through the water, you may even spot schools of fish swimming around your feet, adding to the enchanting experience.

Tip. You can reach another great public Mercato beach with 20-minutes’ walk from La Mer.

A creative touch at La Mer Beach can even be seen in the showers. The closed shower cabins are designed to resemble colorful wooden houses, reminiscent of California-style architecture. Additionally, the outdoor showers resemble wooden buckets with showerheads inserted into them, adding a unique and charming element to the beach’s overall aesthetic.

La Mer Beach south

Overall, La Mer Beach offers a delightful combination of natural beauty, vibrant ambiance, impeccable design, and family-friendly amenities, making it a must-visit destination in Dubai.

La Mer beach things to do

Indeed, La Mer Beach is an expansive promenade area that offers a multitude of amenities, making it an ideal destination for a comfortable and enjoyable family stay. Here you will find more than 120 options, ranging from restaurants and cafes to various leisure spaces and facilities.

Alongside the customary beach infrastructure, such as sunbeds, deck chairs, awnings, showers, and changing rooms, visitors can also indulge in attractions, a water park, and sports equipment rentals. Moreover, convenient features like high-speed Wi-Fi access and charging stations for electronic devices are available for the guests.

la mer beach horizont

For tourists seeking a perfect mix of relaxation and active pursuits, La Mer Beach stands as an optimal choice. It is worth noting that the best time to visit this beach and enjoy a tranquil Dubai getaway is during late autumn and early winter.

La Mer beach: hotels nearby

There are multiple hotels of varying classes in close proximity to the beach.

One such hotel, Rove La Mer Beach, is situated very close to the coast. It is a 3-star hotel offering rooms starting at $200 per night during the high season, and approximately $70 per night during the low season. The hotel has a private outdoor pool, table tennis area, parking and more. Additionally, it is conveniently located just 7 miles away from the airport.

La Mer beach rove hotel

Rove La Mer Beach

Another option, the Royal Prestige Hotel, is located slightly further from the beach (around two minute walk). This hotel offers rooms starting at $110 per night during the high season, and approximately $55 per night during the low season. It boasts an excellent location with scenic views of the city, and the city center can be reached within a 15-minute car ride.

For those seeking a more upscale experience, the Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai is a 5-star hotel located a bit further from the beach. This hotel offers exclusive access to La Mer Beach for its guests. Room rates at the Hyatt Centric start at $250 per night during the high season, and around $90 per night during the low season.

la mer hyatt centric

Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai

Another 5-star option is the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, situated in the northern part of the beach. Guests of this hotel enjoy their own private access to the beach, and the resort even features an on-site nightclub. Room rates at Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa start at $350 per night during the high season, and around $100 per night during the low season.

Restaurants near La Mer beach

La Mer Beach boasts a wide selection of restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences. From European and Turkish cuisine to Japanese and Italian delicacies, you can also indulge in Indian or Pakistani dishes. Alongside these savory options, you can treat yourself to delicious ice cream or enjoy a bite of sweet roasted corn. Additionally, you can savor a hot dog or even try an oxygen cocktail. While there is a world-famous Starbucks located on the beach, let’s delve into the local restaurants in more detail.

El Greco Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurant near the beach is El Greco Restaurant. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating, providing a charming Greek atmosphere. With a focus on excellent flavors and top-notch service, El Greco serves not only Greek cuisine but also a range of delectable options. A lunch for two at this restaurant typically costs around 130 AED ($45).

la mer beach el greco

El Greco Restaurant

Five Guys

Another great option nearby is Five Guys, well known for its hamburgers. This casual cafe offers slightly more affordable prices, and a meal for two can be enjoyed for about 100 AED (30$). While the menu primarily features hamburgers, fries, and other fast food staples, the portions are big and taste good.

five guys la mer

Five Guys

Ice Cream and Sweets

La Mer Beach is also home to numerous ice cream and dessert points. Here, you can purchase refreshing cocktails, scoops of ice cream, hot dogs, and more. Ice cream prices generally start at 20 AED per scoop (6$), allowing you to enjoy a sweet delight while relaxing on the beach.

La Mer Beach attractions

La Mer Beach offers an abundance of attractions and activities to suit every need. From thrilling water rides and a dedicated water park to a well-equipped sports ground, jogging tracks, and an outdoor gym park, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The beach provides an ideal environment for swimming, allowing you to fully embrace the refreshing waters. Moreover, its proximity to the city center ensures convenient access, making it a perfect destination for spending leisurely days.

The Sea Levels beach club

The beach club Sea Levels, situated directly on the beach, offers an exceptional experience for visitors. Whether you’re looking to relax under the sun, Sea Levels provides a variety of options. You can choose to rent sun loungers, umbrellas, or even private beach houses and spacious double beds. Here you have the option to order your food to your designated spot. The beds are meticulously maintained, and the service is top-notch. Moreover, the beach club is conveniently located just a few steps away from the main restaurants and shops.

la mer Sea Levels beach club

The Sea Levels beach club

Here are prices at Sea Levels:

  1. Beach Access: 120 AED (35$). Includes beach umbrella, sun bed, towel, 4 hours free parking, showers and changing rooms, food delivery. Free for children under 14.
  2. Cabana: 500 AED (140$)/up to 4 people. Includes towels, water, 4 hours free parking, showers and changing rooms, food delivery.
  3. Beach Picnic: 200 AED (55$) per station (up to 5 people). Includes beach umbrella, towels, 4 hours free parking, showers and changing rooms, food delivery.
  4. Beach House: 800 AED (220$) for 5 people. Includes beach umbrellas, sun beds, towels, water, 4 hours free parking, showers and changing rooms, food delivery.

It’s important to note a couple of details for a smooth visit. Firstly, the parking company allows a maximum of 4 hours of free parking, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly. Secondly, due to its popularity, Sea Levels tends to get crowded, especially on Sundays when all the sun loungers and seats may be occupied after 11:00 AM.

Waterpark “Laguna” (Laguna Waterpark)

Laguna Waterpark, located within the La Mer complex, is a popular and exciting beach entertainment destination. What sets it apart from other water parks in the Emirates is its unique setting — instead of being adjacent to hotel, it is situated in the open air right on the beach.

Despite its relatively compact size (it’s not as large as the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark), Laguna Waterpark offers more than six different attractions suitable for visitors of all ages, making it a great family-friendly destination.

water park la mer

Waterpark “Laguna”

While it may not be a full-day affair, the water park provides ample opportunities for thrilling rides and enjoyable swimming. We recommend booking tickets online to save costs compared to on-site purchases. From the top of the attractions, visitors can also take in breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Complimentary changing rooms and showers are available for visitors’ convenience. It’s important to note that due to its popularity, the water park can get quite crowded at times.

Laguna Waterpark is divided into four distinct areas: the zone of slides and attractions, a dedicated children’s area with a pool, a relaxation zone, and a surfing complex. Additionally, there is a separate area designed for the youngest children to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Some important information to consider:

  • Children taller than 3’9″ (120 cm) can use all the slides except for the highest ones.
  • Children between 3’6″ (110 cm) and 3’9″ (120 cm) must wear life jackets (provided free of charge) and be accompanied by an adult.
  • The water park offers 4 hours of free parking, with each additional hour costs 25 AED (7$).
  • Outside food is not permitted within the water park.

The entrance fee for the water park is 210 AED (57$) per adult for on-site ticket purchases (ticket costs 175 AED (47$) for adults if booked online). For children, the online booking price is 145 AED (40$), which includes unlimited food and beverages. The Unlimited VIP Package, priced at 295 AED (80$), offers a fast pass for all slides and includes all-inclusive access to food, ice cream, and soft drinks. Locker rental is available at 45 AED (12$) for a large locker and 25 AED (7$) for a smaller one, providing a secure place to store belongings.

Laguna Waterpark operates from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Tip. If you enjoy waterparks, check out Wild Wadi — it’s a big one!

Attraction Hawa Hawa

One of the most popular attractions at La Mer Beach in Dubai is Hawa Hawa, a captivating playground designed in Japan. This large-scale playground features an artificial soft mountain, resembling a sand-filled structure, where children can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Hawa Hawa operates from 10 am to 10 pm, allowing visitors ample time to experience the attraction. The admission fee for Hawa Hawa is 40 AED (11$) for a 40-minute session, and there is also an option of 25 AED (7$) for a 15-minute session. Additionally, each child receives a pair of complimentary special climbing socks. Adults can join the fun free of charge but are required to purchase a pair of socks to participate in climbing the mountain.

La mer Hawa Hawa

Attraction Hawa Hawa

It’s important to note that a minimum height requirement of 2’95″ (90 cm) must be met to enter the venue. Furthermore, children from 3 years old and above are permitted to enjoy this thrilling attraction.

Visiting Hawa Hawa promises an exciting adventure for children and a memorable experience for the whole family.


The local promenade is not just a regular walkway, but rather an expansive shopping center boasting a multitude of outlets and establishments. Adjacent to the beach, you’ll find a wide array of shops for various needs and interests. From souvenir shops and electronics stores to specialized perfume boutiques like Scents of Arabia Perfumes and Taif Al Emarat Perfume, there’s something to find for every tourist.

View from La Mer beach

La Mer beach offers an enchanting setting for evening strolls along its paths, surrounded by uniquely designed scenery reminiscent of both Texas and Connecticut towns. This picturesque ambience makes it a true haven for photography enthusiasts and avid Instagrammers, as they can capture the mesmerizing beauty of the place and share it with the world.

La Mer beach prices

La Mer, like other public beaches in Dubai, offers free entry to visitors. However, it’s important to note that all additional services on the beach come with a cost.

In terms of rentals, it’s worth mentioning that the prices at La Mer are slightly higher compared to other beaches. Renting a set of sun loungers for two people, along with an umbrella, starts from 240 AED (65$) typically (300 AED (80$) for prime beachfront locations). The rental fee includes towels. Access to showers and toilets is free.

La Mer beach opening hours

The beach entrance operates from Sunday to Thursday, starting at 10:00 am and closing at 10:00 pm. On Fridays, the beach extends its hours until 11:00 pm, providing ample time for relaxation and enjoyment.

La Mer beach location

The address of the beach is 67J5+HJJ – Al A’amal St – Jumeirah 1.

For those coming from afar, it’s important to highlight the beach’s excellent transport accessibility. Visitors can reach the beach easily using various modes of transportation such as buses, cars, or taxis. Additionally, many nearby hotels offer convenient shuttle services to the beach, making it even more accessible and hassle-free for tourists and visitors.

How to get to the beach by public transport?

The beach is conveniently accessible through various transportation options. You can reach it by taking buses 8, C10 (from the ADCB metro), or X28 (with stops at Century Plaza or Beach Center). Alternatively, you can opt for the metro on the red line. If you choose the metro, you’ll need to disembark at either the Financial Center or Emirates Towers station. From there, you can easily catch a taxi to the beach for a fare of 12 AED (4$).

For those who enjoy walking, it is possible to reach the beach on foot. However, please note that the distance from the nearest metro station is approximately 1.8 miles, which may be challenging to walk through during hot weather conditions.

How to get to La Mer beach by car and is there parking?

La Mer Beach provides a large parking with 1,100 available spaces. Here you can also find car washing services.

There are multiple parking lots in close proximity to La Mer Beach, such as the one located at 67H5+RVR – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1 or another at 67H5+HGQ – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 1. The parking rates typically range from 20-30 AED (5-8$) per hour, with an additional 10 AED (3$) for each next hour. However, if your total parking expenses reach 100 AED (28$) or more, your parking ticket will be stamped, granting you 3 hours of complimentary parking. It’s advisable to inform the staff at the cafes or restaurants about this in order to avail of the offer.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I bring my pet to La Mer? It’s important to note that pets are not allowed at any part of La Mer.
  2. Can I drink alcohol at La Mer? There are a limited number of licensed restaurants operating within La Mer where you can consume alcohol. However, remember that drinking alcohol in public outside of these spaces is strictly prohibited in UAE.

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