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Legoland Water Park Dubai

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Dubai has many water parks that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Some parks, like Legoland Dubai Water Park, stand out because they focus on a specific theme or are tailored for a particular age group.

legoland water park dubai

If you are a LEGO enthusiast looking for unique experiences and dynamic entertainment, visit LEGO Water Park Dubai for an unforgettable impression.

If you have children aged 2 and up, Legoland Dubai Water Park is the perfect place for them to spend fun and active days. This park is primarily for children 2 to 12 years old, but everyone, regardless of age, will have a good time.

lego water park dubai

Legoland Dubai opened in 2016 and is the first Lego park in the region.

This park has more than 20 rides and attractions spread over an area of ​​68 hectares. For an additional fee, you can use a local buggy service to take you to attractions.

Here are a few attractions of the park:

  • Joker Soaker: A floating attraction consisting of three slides arranged in a circle, 180 meters long. Guests ride in small boats, slide down slides and splash water on each other.
  • Lego Rafting: Another water attraction that offers safe and fun wave riding. Guests build their own Lego rafts out of bricks and float on the river flowing through the Lego Jungle.
  • Splash Safari: An attraction where you can enjoy water games such as water fights and splashing. Guests can spray each other with water cannons, ride water slides, and participate in a variety of water games.
  • Lego Wave Pool: Large wave pool activates every few minutes to provide safe and fun wave catching. Waves in the pool can reach a height of up to 1.5 meters.
  • Children’s Pool: A small pool perfect for young children. The pool has no steps and is deep enough to be safe for small children.

It is important to note that each attraction at Legoland Water Park has its own size restrictions. You must be at least 120 cm tall to enter the attraction.

Also note that Legoland Water Park Dubai is not wheelchair accessible.

If you need to charge your mobile phone, charging stations are available on site (surcharge).

If you get hungry, there are several cafes and restaurants serving delicious food and drinks.

Tip. If you love taking your kids to water parks, Dubai has a great option called Splash n Party Kids Waterpark.

dubai lego water park

Legoland Water Park Dubai is situated in Dubai Parks and Resorts, located in the Jebel Ali area (the popular Jebel Ali public beach is situated nearby). It’s just a 20-minute drive from The Dubai Marina.

Note that Legoland Water Park Dubai and Legoland Dubai are two different places, requiring separate tickets for entry. If you wish to visit both parks, you can purchase combo tickets that include access to both Legoland Water Park Dubai and Legoland Dubai.

Note. Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside Legoland Water Park.

How to get to Legoland Water Park Dubai

The exact address of Legoland Water Park is W296+G2 Dubai, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

As this water park is positioned between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a car or taxi is the most convenient way to reach there and back. Legoland Water Park Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, and it takes approximately 30-40 minutes to drive from the center of Dubai, depending on traffic.

If you don’t have a car or prefer not to rent one, you can use taxi apps like Uber or Careem. A taxi from The Dubai Marina to the water park will cost around 40 AED ($11).

If you want to save some money, you can consider using public transport. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers buses that go directly to Dubai Parks and Resorts. Buses depart from several points in Dubai, including the city center, Dubai Mall, and Ibn Battuta Metro Station. The bus fare on RTA buses is 2 AED (50 cents), and buses operate from 7 AM to 11 PM with 26 trips per day.

The nearest metro station is the UAE Exchange Metro Station.

Legoland Water Park Dubai opening hours

Legoland Water Park in Dubai operates daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. Note that the waterpark is closed on Wednesdays, so plan your visit on Monday, Tuesday, or from Thursday to Sunday.

Important! Make sure to bring your passport or ID before you visit. You’ll need to show them when entering the water park.

lego land water park

Within the Legoland Waterpark premises, there is a relaxation zone with fountains, cafes, and other amenities.

Legoland Water Park Dubai ticket prices

Legoland Water Park Dubai offers flexible ticket prices. You can purchase a single-day ticket or choose an annual pass, which provides additional benefits such as free parking, discounts on merchandise, and access to the water park on special days.

It’s worth noting that the ticket price depends on the place of purchase. It is advisable to buy tickets online as the on-site price will be higher by 35-40 AED ($11). The discount applies when booking the ticket at least one day before the visit.

Children up to three years old can enter the water park for free. All minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians, and you may be asked for identification documents at the entrance.

  • Single-Day Legoland Water Park Ticket: 295 AED ($80) per person when purchased online and 330 AED ($90) per person when purchased at the entrance.
  • Single-Day Legoland Water Park and Legoland Dubai Ticket: 355 AED ($97) per person when purchased online and 395 AED ($91) per person when purchased at the entrance. This is an excellent option if you want to visit both the water park and Legoland on the same day.

If you plan to visit Dubai more than once a year, you can consider purchasing an annual pass. This will allow you to save significantly and enjoy additional benefits. The annual pass is divided into three categories: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

lego land water park dubai

Legoland Water Park Dubai offers single-day and annual passes with perks like free parking and merchandise discounts.

Note that annual passes for the waterpark are only available as part of a bundle with Legoland Dubai.

  • Legoland Dubai Water Park Annual Pass Silver: 695 AED ($190) per person. The amount includes access to the parks for a year (excluding certain periods such as holidays and vacations, when you can visit for an additional fee of 50 AED or $14), a 10% discount on products and items within the parks, and a 20% discount at Legoland Hotel.
  • Legoland Dubai Water Park Annual Pass Gold: 795 AED ($216) per person. This pass allows you to visit all parks on any day of the year (except weekends when the park is closed). It includes the opportunity to get free popcorn six times a year, a 15% discount on products, a 10% discount on items (essential items and LEGO sets are sold within the parks), and a 20% discount at Legoland Hotel.
  • Legoland Dubai Water Park Annual Pass Platinum: 995 AED ($270) per person. This includes all the benefits of the Gold pass, plus a free lunch six times a year, a 20% discount on food, a free Nanny Pass, and complimentary parking.

Additionally, guests have the option to book a VIP package, which includes a private cabana for six, unlimited drinks and snacks, towels, and sun loungers. You will also receive a complimentary lunch and snacks, a voucher for gift shops, a collectible LEGO figure, discounts at stores and on products, as well as the unique opportunity to feed the sharks.

Water Park Legoland Dubai restaurant

Within the LEGO Water Park in Dubai, there are several places where you can grab a bite to eat.

Waterside Snacks offers fresh salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, kebabs, and more. They serve halal, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and meat options.

You can also visit Waves Bistro and Bricks Bites, where you’ll find a wide selection of burgers, drinks, sweets, pizza, and desserts.

Here are a few examples of prices:

  • Pizza: 25 AED ($7)
  • Cheeseburger: 20 AED ($5)
  • Breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast: 15 AED ($4)
  • Lunch with chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and salad: 25 AED ($7)
  • Coca-Cola: 5 AED ($1)
  • Juice: 10 AED ($2)

The water park also offers special menus for children and vegetarians. Note that bringing your own food into the waterpark is prohibited, except for special baby food or dietary items. If you require special dietary accommodations due to health restrictions, you will need to present a prescription or other documentation from a doctor.

Legoland Dubai Hotel

It’s no surprise that Legoland has its own hotel right inside the park. The Legoland Hotel offers 250 Lego-themed rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a private small garden, and a restaurant.

Legoland Hotel Dubai

Both kids and parents will have a great time at Legoland Hotel.

During the high season, the cost per night starts at $315, while in the low season, it begins at $220.

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