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Mercato Beach

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Although Dubai is often associated with lavish and noisy entertainment, the city also offers great options for those who prefer a more relaxed experience. Mercato Beach is one such place.

It is a small and quiet beach in Dubai, located along the Jumeirah Beachfront, next to the Mercato shopping mall, in 20 minutes’ walk from La Mer Beach. This beach is not well-known to tourists, so you’ll mostly find locals enjoying it.

mercato beach

Mercato Beach is less known to tourists, and has fewer crowds, making it a favorite among locals.

The beach is free to enter and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to bask in the bright sun of the UAE during the day or enjoy the calm waters of the bay at night with a fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa lights. Close to the beach, there’s a water fountain for drinking.

mercato beach dubai

Mercato is located near the city center and easily accessible via public transport.

Mercato Beach is approximately 650 ft (200 meters) long and 160 ft (50 meters) wide. Like most beaches in Dubai, the sand is white and fine. You can find many beautiful seashells here, so feel free to collect them.

The seabed is sandy and shallow, making the beach accessible to both adults and children (however, in certain areas, the water gets deep just a few meters from the shore, so it’s important to be cautious). Next to the beach, there’s a jogging path spanning about 0.85 miles (1.3 kilometers).

mercato beach timings

Take a stroll or get your exercise on the jogging path along the beach.

Note. Unfortunately, for water sports enthusiasts, the beach doesn’t offer rental equipment for surfing, kayaking, or jet skiing. The closest rental spot, Aquatech Watersports, is a 25-minute walk away.

As a nice extra, beachgoers can borrow a book from the beach library kiosks, which are situated right on the shoreline (you can return the book to any kiosk, not just where you borrowed it).

mercato beach library

You’ll find kiosks with books to enjoy while relaxing at Mercato Beach.

To ensure the safety of everyone, Mercato Beach is constantly monitored by local lifeguards.

Tip. A 5-minute walk from Mercato Beach will take you to another popular beach in Dubai — Jumeirah Public Beach.

mercato beach in dubai

Enjoy white and fine sand and collect seashells at Mercato.


Entrance fee, opening hours Opened 24/7. The entrance is free.
What is the cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella? Remember to bring your own umbrella and towel.
Is the beach crowded? Mercato Beach is not crowded, even on weekends and holidays.
Is the beach easily accessible and comfortable? The beach offers essential amenities like showers and toilets, but they are somewhat far away. On the beach, you’ll find only changing cabins. It’s reasonably suitable for families with children. The lifeguard is on duty. The area has a spacious parking slot.
Is the beach easy to reach? Yes, you can use buses 8, 9, 81, or 88 to reach the beach.
Is there an option to have dinner or lunch available? Yes, there are a bunch of restaurants around the beach area. It will cost from 150 AED (50$) per person to have lunch.

How to get to Mercato Beach in Dubai

Mercato Beach address is 152 4b St, Jumeirah 1 – Dubai.

Most tourists prefer to take a taxi, a quick and convenient way to get around the streets. The drive from the city center to Mercato Beach takes about 15 minutes, and you can use Uber, Careem, or Dubai Taxi Corporation services. Dubai’s taxis have convenient apps for your smartphone (making it easy to call a taxi).

Since Mercato Beach Dubai is located close to the center, you can use public transport. Take buses number 8, 9, or 88, and get off at the Hassa Bint Al Murr Masjid stop. You can also hop on bus 81 and get off at Al Arouba Street station to reach the beach.

Note that the metro is quite far from Mercato Beach — it takes about an hour to walk to the nearest Burj Khalifa Subway station, so it is better to take a taxi, rent a car, or take the bus. If you want to use the metro, it’s better to reach the Max metro station, then hop on bus 88 at Max Metro Bus Stop Seaside and reach the Hassa Bint Al Murr Masjid stop (a few minutes’ walk from there and you are on the beach).

You can also visit Mercato Beach by car — there is a convenient parking space near the beach, though it doesn’t offer a large number of spaces.

Mercato Beach timings

Mercato Beach is a public beach. Therefore, it is open 24/7.

Important. Swimming is prohibited after sunset.

Mercato Beach prices

Public beaches in Dubai are free, which means you do not need to pay an entry fee. But this rule does not apply to additional services. Extra amenities often cost a few AEDs. It is also worth noting that you can bring your own food, sunbeds, or umbrellas.

The beach is also equipped with free showers and toilets, which are located on one side of Mercato Beach (the facilities are a bit of a walk from the beach, but they are still within easy walking distance). Consider this fact when finding a spot on the beach.

what to do at mercato beach

The water at Mercato Beach is clean and transparent.

What to do at Mercato Beach in Dubai?

At Mercato Beach, you can sunbathe, swim in the azure waters of the sea, run or walk on a comfortable jogging track (cycling is not allowed), play sports on one of the sports grounds, and so on. Mercato Beach in Dubai is perfect for a family vacation, as you will not be distracted by large crowds or the noise of nearby establishments. The clear waters of the Persian Gulf also provide a great opportunity to observe marine life or simply enjoy the warm waves. The small number of people on the beach guarantees you peace and a sense of a private beach at any time of the day.

Most people visit Mercato Beach in the early morning, between 7 AM and 10 AM, or in the evening, after 6 PM.

Mercato Mall

Although there are not that many places to visit directly on the beach, Mercato Beach is located near Mercato Mall, a popular shopping center with an area of 330,000 ft² (110,000 m²) and over 150 shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is a popular destination for shopping, relaxation, and entertainment.

You can find well-known brands such as Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Sephora, Starbucks, and McDonald’s there.

The shopping center also has a cinema, bowling, a children’s playground, and many other entertainments and amenities.

mercato mall

Mercato Mall

Green Planet

The Green Planet is a unique natural corner and a place where you can get to know anacondas, flying foxes, lemurs, birds, reptiles, and other animals that inhabit tropical forests.

Here you have the chance to experience a day as a Zookeeper, with each session lasting 3 hours. For 410 AED ($112), you can visit and personally care for the animals in their enclosures. This opportunity is open to children aged 8 and above.

You have the option to feed the fish for 15 AED ($4), or for an additional 230 AED ($63), you can swim in the pool with exotic Cichlids fish.

A full-day access ticket to The Green Planet starts at 155 AED ($42), and you can save money by booking your tickets online.

Mercato beach Green Planet

Green Planet

Dubai International Art Centre

Also, pay attention to the Dubai International Art Centre, one of the oldest public galleries in the UAE, a great place to get acquainted with the culture and art of the Emirates. The center’s gallery offers various art exhibitions on a small area of 210 ft² (65 m²).

In addition to the artistic pieces, this place offers a selection of captivating and unique items, including paintings by artists from both Arab and international backgrounds. Remember to haggle, as it’s a common practice here.

Dubai International Art Centre

Dubai International Art Centre

Restaurants near Mercato Beach

If you are planning to visit Mercato Beach, you should consider the fact that there are no restaurants or cafes on the beach itself, except for a few food spots. Therefore, you will need to bring your own water or food. However, since the beach is located on the Jumeirah Beachfront, cafes and restaurants are located not far away.

Here are a few good options near Mercato Beach:

Al Ijaza Cafeteria

Don’t expect any special dishes at Al Ijaza Cafeteria. It’s a quick and affordable spot for a satisfying fast-food meal.

Al Ijaza Cafeteria

Al Ijaza Cafeteria

The menu features a variety of options, including chicken burgers, wraps, hassan mattaar, shawarma, drinks, and more. Vegetarians have options on the menu as well.

Enjoy budget-friendly dining with low prices here; an average meal per person costs around 40 AED ($10).

The Bay

A spacious Mediterranean restaurant with a fantastic terrace and stunning views of the blue waters of the bay. The restaurant is situated within the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner — you’ll find something to your taste here. In addition to an extensive menu that ranges from pizza to octopus dishes, there is also a dedicated menu for children. On average, one dish will cost $12-25.

Restaurants near Mercato Beach The Bay

The Bay

11 Woodfire

A great Michelin-starred restaurant. Combines traditional dishes from all over the world with modern wood-fired cooking techniques.

The menu features seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes that are cooked over wood in an oven, fireplace, or grill.

The restaurant has a spacious dining room with an open kitchen where guests can watch the food being prepared. The restaurant also has a cozy balcony where you can enjoy a meal outdoors. Prices are on average from $25 per dish.

mercato beach 11 Woodfire

11 Woodfire

Tasca by José Avillez

A Michelin-starred Portuguese restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai.

The restaurant is the child of well-known Portuguese chef José Avillez, who has won numerous awards for his culinary creations.

Tasca, which means “tavern” in Portuguese, embodies the spirit of a traditional Portuguese tavern with a modern twist. In terms of price, plan for around $100 per person.

Restaurants near Mercato Beach Tasca by José Avillez

Tasca by José Avillez

Other dining options at Fishing Harbour

If you’re looking for more lunch options after a day at the beach, you can take a 10-minute walk to the Fishing Harbor, which hosts several restaurants including BRIX Desserts, Fish Gourmet Seafood Restaurant, BRIX Café, 3 Fils, and more.

Hotels near Mercato Beach

The following hotels are located near Mercato Beach:

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai

A luxurious five-star resort hotel located on Jumeirah Beach. Amenities include a variety of pools, great food, beautifully appointed rooms, and a convenient location.

Prices start at $1,200 per night. This hotel is located the closest to Mercato Beach.

mercato beach Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

La Ville Hotel & Suites

Another five-star hotel is located in the City Walk district. This is a popular spot for relaxation and entertainment, although it is located a little further from Mercato Beach.

There is an outdoor pool with views of the city, a fitness center, the excellent Grace restaurant, and the Chival Bar.

Rooms can be rented here from $300 per night.

Hotels near Mercato beach La Ville Hotel & Suites

La Ville Hotel & Suites

Explore more beachside options