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by Cyril Kardashevsky

NAMMOS Dubai is an upscale restaurant and beach club located within the Four Seasons Resort near Jumeirah Public Beach with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Daria Island. The club is part of Restaurant Village, a vibrant fine dining hub (Nammos is one of six venues on the hotel grounds).

NAMMOS Dubai serves exquisite seafood dishes and a wide range of wines, champagnes and cocktails. This restaurant is known for its high-end locations and fresh seafood sourced daily from local markets. The menu also includes meat and poultry dishes, as well as vegan options. It is important to know that the club does not have its own pool, but it does have access to the coast of the bay.

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NAMMOS Dubai has sun, white sand, clear water, parties, music and top-notch restaurant.

NAMMOS Dubai Beach Club offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and music. The beach here features white sand and crystal clear water. Nammos Dubai is located on a 50 meter long private beach that is only accessible to club and restaurant guests.

The beach has comfortable private loungers, umbrellas and changing rooms. The club’s grounds include stunning NAMMOS fountain. A chauffeur-driven golf cart makes it easy to get around the hotel.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, and the restaurant conveniently delivers drinks and snacks directly to the beach.

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NAMMOS Dubai’s design is by well-known London firm Elastic Interiors, which has finished projects with hotels such as One&Only, AMAN and Marriott.

Club is a relatively expensive place to relax with an exclusive and upscale atmosphere.

NAMMOS Dubai is a lively party venue, but it’s more of an adult venue (guests under 18 may not find the atmosphere very welcoming). There’s always loud music playing here and it’s usually crowded. If you like being noticed and people watching, this is the place for you.

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NAMMOS Dubai Beach Club is a great destination for those who want to enjoy music and dancing while relaxing on a private beach.

How to get to Nammos Beach Club in Dubai?

NAMMOS Dubai is located at the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach.

Address: Beach, Four Seasons Resort – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai.

How do I get to NAMMOS Dubai by public transport?

NAMMOS Dubai can be reached by public transport using buses 8, 81, 88, N55 and X28. Get off at Rashid Bin Bakait Masjid 1 station and it is a 10-minute walk to the club.

The nearest metro station is Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, but it is about an hour’s walk from there.

How do I get to NAMMOS Dubai by car?

The most convenient way to get to NAMMOS Dubai is by taxi. Estimated taxi fare from central Dubai to NAMMOS is 50 AED ($14). For added convenience, you can hail a taxi from a taxi rank or use the Uber app.

If you are driving, the club offers valet parking. One of club’s drivers will safely park your car in a designated parking space upon your arrival.

NAMMOS Dubai opening hours

NAMMOS Beach Club Dubai is open daily. Beach access is from 11 AM to 7 PM, restaurant hours are from 12:44 PM to 2 AM.

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NAMMOS Dubai captures the vibe of NAMMOS Mykonos with a design that combines luxury, leisure, beach life, fashion and unforgettable parties.

Note. Advance reservations are required for NAMMOS Dubai Restaurant. NAMMOS Dubai is a popular destination with high demand, so plan your visit in advance. The restaurant accepts reservations online or by phone.

NAMMOS Dubai Beach Club fees

Entry to NAMMOS Dubai Beach Club is subject to a fee. Admission is 200 dirhams ($80) for adults and free for children under 12.

Four Seasons Resort guests have complimentary access to NAMMOS and are privileged to have a private entrance on the hotel grounds.

You can also order shisha tobacco when local experts will help you choose the perfect combination of traditional tobacco and delicious flavours. Choose from classic flavors like mint and coffee, as well as exclusive and unique options like Space Jam and Nammos Blend. The beach club area is designated and has an area for smoking shisha and cigarettes, as well as a designated area for non-smokers.

In addition, NAMMOS Dubai Beach Club offers guests the opportunity to enjoy music and dancing. There is a stage on the beach with live musicians. The club also has a bar where you can order drinks and snacks.

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NAMMOS Dubai is part of the global NAMMOS network of restaurants and beach clubs in popular destinations such as Mykonos, Ibiza and Saint-Tropez.

NAMMOS Dubai menu

NAMMOS Dubai Menu offers a wide range of dishes including:

  • Seafood dishes: lobster, shrimp, tuna, trout, salmon, and more.
  • Meat dishes: beef, lamb, pork, and chicken.
  • Poultry dishes: chicken, turkey, and quail.
  • Vegetarian dishes: salads, soups, pasta, and pizza.

The restaurant has its own wine and champagne collection. You can choose your favorite drink displayed in the showcase inside the restaurant.

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NAMMOS Dubai offers exquisite cuisine in an elegant setting. It’s the perfect place for a special occasion or to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

NAMMOS prices are higher than average. For example, the average price of a fish dish is 150 AED ($40).
Here are some examples from the menu and their prices:

Seafood dishes:

  • Grilled lobster with lemon and garlic: 500 AED ($136)
  • Lobster with cream and garlic sauce: 400 AED ($108)
  • Shrimp with lemon sauce and Parmesan: 250 AED ($68)

Meat dishes:

  • Beef steak with black pepper and truffle sauce: 600 AED ($162)
  • Lamb shish kebab with yogurt sauce: 350 AED ($94)
  • Pork with apples and prunes: 200 AED ($54)

Poultry dishes:

  • Oven-roasted chicken with vegetables: 250 AED ($68)
  • Turkey with mushrooms and cheese: 300 AED ($81)
  • Quail with lemon sauce: 150 AED ($42)

Vegetarian dishes:

  • Salmon and avocado salad: 150 AED ($42)
  • Lentil soup with vegetables: 100 AED ($27)
  • Vegetable and cheese pizza: 200 AED ($54)
nammos dubai menu

NAMMOS Dubai’s menu offers a variety of food and drinks, including wine, champagne, cocktails, meat, poultry and vegan options.

If you love seafood, try the grilled lobster or the lobster with creamy garlic sauce. Meat fan should order the beef steak with black pepper or the pork with apple and plum.

There are plenty of delicious vegetarian options, including salmon and avocado salad and vegetable lentil soup.

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