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Ness Nass Beach (Kite n Surf)

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Ness Nass Beach (or Kite n Surf Beach) is a public beach located in the Jumeirah area of Dubai. Like most beaches in Dubai, visitors here will find clean sand and warm waters.

Ness Nass Beach stretches almost 1 mile (1,4 kilometers) in length and about 160 feet (50 meters) in width. It is covered in soft white sand and surrounded by palm trees. The sea in this area is usually warm and calm, making it an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Ness Nass Beach

Kite n Surf Beach is known for its strong winds, making it a great spot for water sports such as kite surfing, wakeboarding, and kayaking.

The beach provides all the amenities for a comfortable stay, including toilets, showers, changing rooms, and bars. There are also several restaurants on the beach offering a variety of cuisines, including Arabic dishes, seafood, and international cuisine.

Ness Nass Beach is open to visitors around the clock and free of charge. Also situated within its premises is Kite n Surf – a kite surfing school and equipment shop. The school offers kite surfing lessons for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Lessons are conducted by experienced instructors who will help you master this exhilarating activity.

Kite n Surf beach dubai

Ness Nass Beach is a popular destination for water sports fans and those wanting to enjoy the warm sea.

How to get to Ness Nass Beach in Dubai

Ness Nass Beach exact address is 59 Al Hadd St – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

There are several ways to reach Ness Nass Beach:

  • By metro: The closest metro station to Ness Nass Beach is Onpassive Metro Station. The distance from the metro station to the beach is approximately 2 miles or 3.5 kilometers. You can walk, but it’s better to take a taxi or bus. Walking would take about 50 minutes, which may not be the most pleasant way to spend time under Dubai’s hot sun.
  • By bus: Taking a bus is a much better and affordable way to reach Ness Nass Beach and Kite n Surf school. Right near the beach is the Jumeirah 3, Masjid 1 bus stop (ID J3M1), where buses number 8, 81, 88, and N55 regularly stop. The travel time from the city center is about 30 minutes.
  • By taxi: A taxi is the most convenient way to get to Ness Nass Beach. The travel time from the center of Dubai is about 20 minutes. The price will depend on the service, but on average, expect to pay around 50-100 AED ($14-28) from the center to the beach. If you want to save money, use Uber and Careem apps. Besides convenient service, they often offer discounts to their customers.
  • By car: Ness Nass Beach is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf in the Jumeirah 3 area. You can reach the beach by following the signs on Jumeirah Beach Road. There is a large parking lot near the beach and Kite n Surf school, so you won’t have any problems finding a place to park your car while you enjoy water sports on Dubai’s beaches.

Tip. The beach is located within walking distance of another important spot for kite fans in Dubai, known as Kite Beach.

Ness Nass Beach Dubai open hours

Ness Nass Beach is a public beach, so the entrance is open 24/7. However, it’s worth noting that swimming in the water is not recommended after sunset for safety reasons. During the day, lifeguards are present on the beach to ensure the safety of visitors.

Note. This beach, like a few others in Dubai, offers nighttime swimming facilities. However, it’s important to use the specifically designated area, where lifeguards are on duty at night, and proper lighting is provided.

Ness Nass Beach in Dubai

Kite n Surf Beach

What to do at Ness Nass Beach

Ness Nass Beach is located in a highly popular area of Dubai, where there are many interesting places to visit before, during, or after your beach activities. Here are a few recommendations:

Watersports at Kite n Surf School

If you like water sports or are eager to learn some, Ness Nass Beach is the perfect destination. Situated on the beachfront, the Kite n Surf School offers visitors private kite surfing lessons with qualified instructors or group sessions (a great choice if you want to learn kite surfing alongside friends or family).

If you prefer to go solo, Kite n Surf School is also an excellent place to rent or purchase kite surfing equipment. The equipment shop provides a wide selection of kite surfing gear, including boards, kiteboards, harnesses, and more. Equipment rental is also available at the shop if you wish to try kite surfing before purchasing your own gear.

If you’ve already mastered the basics of kite surfing, the school can help you refine your skills and learn something new. The instructors are qualified to work with adults (including separate instructors for women) as well as children from 13 years old.

Here are the prices for kite surfing lessons at Kite n Surf:

  • Kiteboarding Basics: 850 AED ($230) per person. The lesson lasts for two hours. You can also gift kite surfing lessons to your friends or loved ones.
  • Kiteboarding Extended Course: 4000 AED ($1089) per person. The course includes 10 hours of instruction with an instructor.
  • Lesson and Rental: 700 AED ($190) per person. For this price, you’ll receive a one-hour lesson with an instructor, as well as the opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills for another hour.

For group sessions (two people), the prices are as follows:

  • Kiteboarding Basics: 3 hours, 800 AED ($217) per person.
  • Kiteboarding Extended Course: 12 hours, 3500 AED ($952) per person.

Kite n Surf also offers windsurfing lessons. You’ll learn how to set up and control the sail, avoid common beginner mistakes, understand the basics of wind dynamics, and adhere to safety regulations.

  • Single Windsurfing Lesson: 800 AED ($217) per person, 2 hours. Group lessons (for two people) cost 600 AED per person.
  • Windsurfing Course: 2100 AED ($571) per person, 6 hours. The group course costs 1500 AED ($408).

Kite n Surf also specializes in paddleboarding (standing on a board with a paddle) and kayaking. Paddleboarding lessons start from 100 AED ($27) per hour. As for kayaks, options are available for solo (70 AED or $20 per hour) or in tandem (90 AED or $25 per hour). Additionally, you can rent a kayak and order lunch for 100 AED ($27). Kayaking is a straightforward yet very entertaining sport that you can quickly learn.

Equipment rental prices at Kite n Surf depend on the type of equipment and the duration of the rental. Here are some examples of prices:

  • Kiteboarding board: 100 AED ($28) per hour, 300 AED ($84) per day.
  • Harness: 50 AED ($14) per hour, 150 AED ($42) per day.
  • Wetsuit: 50 AED ($14) per hour, 150 AED ($42) per day.

Kite n Surf also offers discounts for groups and long-term rentals. To save money on equipment rental at Kite n Surf, book your choice in advance. Also, compare prices with other companies and pay attention to discounts for long-term rentals. Kite n Surf often offers discounts to its customers, so be sure to ask a representative of the school if there are any special offers available.

Masjid Al-Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid

This mosque is located in the Al Quoz area of the city. It was built in 2019 in honor of the late Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, former ruler of Dubai. The mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful in Dubai, capable of accommodating up to 900 worshippers and boasting impressive architecture.

Constructed from white marble, the mosque features four minarets standing 70 meters tall. It has a dome with a diameter of 25 meters and a height of 30 meters. The interior of the mosque is adorned in traditional Arab style, with marble floors, mosaic walls, and wooden ceilings. Additionally, the mosque houses a library containing books and documents about Islam. It is open to visitors of all faiths, and free guided tours are offered daily.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, consider exploring Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz. This former industrial district has been transformed into a vibrant hub for art galleries, independent cafes, and quirky boutiques.

Masjid Al-Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid

Masjid Al-Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid

Sunset Mall

This small mall is a 15-minute walk from Ness Nass Beach. While not offering a wide range of shopping or entertainment options, it’s still a great spot to relax after a day at the beach. The mall has a supermarket, coffee shops, clothing stores, a pharmacy, and kids’ play areas.

The mall is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

ness nass beach Sunset Mall

Sunset Mall

Restaurants near Ness Nass Beach

There are plenty of great dining options to enjoy near Ness Nass Beach in Dubai. Here are some recommendations:

Feels By the Beach

This restaurant and cafe is located on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. Feels By the Beach offers a wide selection of dishes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Known for its healthy and fresh cuisine, the restaurant uses organic and seasonal ingredients and offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Their vibrant window-serve setup and casual atmosphere make it perfect for a quick bite or a post-beach snack. Prices range from 40 to 80 AED ($11-22) per person.

Restaurants near Ness Nass Feels By the Beach

Feels By the Beach

Hotels near Ness Nass Beach and Kite n Surf

Finally, here are some hotel options you should consider if you plan to stay in the Ness Nass Beach area:

Beach Walk Hotel

This four-star hotel is situated on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai and was opened in 2015. It offers 80 rooms and suites, along with a restaurant, bar, and rooftop pool.

The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Jumeirah Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Dubai, and is also close to many other attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Gold Souk.

This option is more affordable, with room prices starting from 920 AED ($250).

Beach Walk Hotel Kite Beach

Beach Walk Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Safa Park

This three-star hotel is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and is just a short walk from Safa Park, one of the largest parks in Dubai. Comfortable rooms can be booked here starting from 260 AED ($70).

Holiday Inn Express Dubai - Safa Park

Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Safa Park

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