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Splash and Party Dubai

by Cyril Kardashevsky

Splash and Party Dubai is a medium-sized water park for kids in Dubai. Unlike most other water parks in the city, Splash and Party is primarily aimed at children, but the whole family can also have fun here. While the kids have fun on the waterslides and pool, parents can relax under the bright UAE sun, have lunch at the restaurant or try a drink at the bar.

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Splash and Party Waterpark measures 210 square feet (60 square meters) and the pool area measures 130 square feet (40 square meters).

Up to six lifeguards are on duty at all times in the park to ensure everyone’s safety. Parents can see the entire pool and park from anywhere, making it easy to keep track of everything. The water depth is knee-deep, ensuring a safe environment for small children and preventing accidents.

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There are three children-only Splash and Party water parks located in different parts of the Emirates. These were opened by entrepreneur Anjili Samtani Radia.

Splash and Party Dubai is not only a family-friendly leisure destination but also the perfect place to celebrate special events such as birthdays and other occasions.

Water park offers a wide range of attractions that are guaranteed to be an unforgettable day out for your child.

  • Water slides of different difficulty levels
  • Large rope pool for older children with an area of ​​270 sqm
  • A zip line
  • Small pool with an area of ​​270 sqm, perfect for very young children, over 130 sqm.

Live performances by artists, musicians, dancers and clowns are also frequent, adding to the festive atmosphere.

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Splash and Party Kids Water Park is the perfect place to celebrate and make your special day one to remember.

It is also worth mentioning that the water park management organizes events outside the park area as well. You can host a party at your home. Splash and Party Dubai offers selected attractions for hire.

The catalog of available options includes numerous attractions such as inflatable pools, ball pits, water slides, pools with islands, pools with obstacle courses, pools with ziplines, and even entire inflatable water parks. You can choose from large to smaller slides and pools suitable for smaller spaces.

If you choose Splash n Party to organize your child’s birthday, you can also order a cake online.

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Opened in 2016, this park was once a villa covering almost 1 hectare. It has since been transformed into a lively water park.

Additionally, Splash and Party Dubai also hosts special school and camping events. Summer Camp Adventures will be held from July 3rd to August 25th from 9 am to 2 pm, where kids can enjoy a variety of activities, make friends, and have fun. Tickets cost AED 599 ($163) per week or AED 150 ($40) per day.

Tip. If you like water parks, Dubai has two world-class aquaparks (Atlantis Aquaventure and Wild Wadi) and a smaller one (Jungle Bay).

How can I get to Splash and Party Dubai Waterpark?

The exact address of Splash and Party Dubai is Al Safa 2, Street 8A, Villa no. 1, Jumeirah, Dubai.

How do I get to Splash and Party Kids Waterpark by car?

Splash and Party Kids Waterpark is accessible by taxi. You can pick it up on the street or use popular services like Careem or Uber. A taxi from Dubai Mall to Splash and Party costs approximately 45 dirhams ($12).

There are approximately 20 parking spaces near the park.

How can I get to Splash and Party Kids Waterpark by public transportation?

For public transport, take bus 12, 93 or F20. Get off at Falcon House 1/2 bus stop. Then, it’s about an 8-minute walk along 23A Street to the water park. You can also take the subway: take the red line and get off at Onpassive subway station. It is about a 10 minute walk from the subway station to the water park.

Tip. If you like taking your kids to water parks, Dubai has a great theme park, Legoland Waterpark.

Splash and Party Dubai opening hours

The water park is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. On weekends and holidays, Splash n Party’s opening hours are extended and it’s close until 9:00 pm, so parents and children can enjoy more free time.

Splash n Party entrance fees

Entrance fees to the water park vary depending on the activity you wish to participate in:

  • General ticket on weekdays: 99 AED for children ($27) and 50 AED ($13) for adults.
  • General ticket on weekends: 120 AED for children ($33) and 50 AED ($13) for adults.
  • General ticket + kids’ menu + zip line on weekdays: 120 AED ($33) for children and 50 AED ($13) for adults.
  • General ticket + kids’ menu + zip line on weekends: 139 AED ($38) for children and 50 AED ($13) for adults.
  • General ticket + kids’ menu + zip line + popcorn or cotton candy on weekdays: 139 AED ($38) for children and 50 AED ($13) for adults.
  • General ticket + kids’ menu + zip line + popcorn or cotton candy on weekends: 159 AED ($38) for children and 50 AED ($43) for adults.

Child ticket policy applies to children ages 1 to 15 (babies ages 1 to 11 months get free admission if a parent purchases a ticket). Each guest must present a valid ID card.

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Additionally, Splash and Party Dubai often hosts live performances by artists, musicians, dancers and clowns, creating a festive atmosphere.

Water Park also offers several birthday party packages to celebrate with your friends. Themed areas can be booked for 99 AED ($27) on weekdays (10+ children) and 120 AED ($33) on weekends (15+ children). The package includes a foam party, one dish per child, a zip line, a digital invitation, and a personal host. Theme options include underwater world, mermaid, superhero, beach party, jungle, carnival, and more. One adult may bring children free of charge.

Splash n Party gives you the option to purchase a membership. There is an annual membership fee of 999 dirhams ($272) per child to join the club. Membership gives you full access to all of Splash n Party’s facilities and unlimited access to the park throughout the year.

When it comes to food, there are several options to choose from, including pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, mini sandwiches, chicken burgers, cheese sticks, popcorn, and hot dogs. Each option includes a choice of juice or water.

Splash and Party Dubai Water Park is just 2.4 km from Kite Beach, so you can enjoy the beach first and then head to the water park with your kids. Additionally, Splash and Party Dubai’s Kite Beach itself has a separate section called Splash and Party Kids Inflatable Park. Here, your child can ride on a variety of inflatable slides and play with inflatable structures. Entry fee for children to the park is 50 AED ($14) and the park is open daily from 16:00 to 22:00.

Splash n Party Ladies Day

Splash and Party hosts Ladies Day on Sundays and Wednesdays from 3:00 to 9:00. Admission for children on this day is Dh99, adults free. Each child’s ticket also includes a meal and a ZipLine ride.

During Ladies Day, only boys up to the age of 10 are allowed to enter the water park.

Additional services at Splash and Party Dubai

Enhance your experience with additional services:

  • Candy piñata: 250 AED ($68)
  • Photo coverage for two hours: 850 AED ($230)
  • Videography for two hours: 1250 AED ($340)
  • Balloon decorations: 250 AED per hour ($68)
  • Photo booth rental: 1800 AED for two hours with unlimited shots ($490)

Splash n Party Café

There are a variety of dining options within the Dubai Café premises. Enjoy breakfast (from 25 dirhams or $7), salads (from 30 dirhams or $10), sandwiches and burgers from 35 dirhams ($9), pizza from 40 dirhams ($11), pasta from 35 dirhams, drinks from 10 dirhams (ordered for $3), and more.

Meals for groups of 4 to 6 people (from 150 dirhams or $50) and special menus for children are also available. It is worth noting that Splash n Party Café serves both meat and vegetarian dishes, so every guest can find something delicious to eat.

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Visit Splash n Party Kids Waterpark in Dubai and create unforgettable memories with your kids and friends.

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